'Astrology As Scientific As Any
Other Stream Of Science'


Hyderabad (PTI) - Introduction of ASTROLOGY may have raised a storm in India, but a British vedic expert has asserted that Astrology is as scientific as any other stream of science and strongly favoured its introduction in college curriculum.
It was "ridiculous" that teaching a "sacred science" like Astrology should create a controversy in the land of its origin while its popularity was growing across the globe, the President of British Astrologers' Association Andrew Foss told PTI in an interview here.
Foss, who has taught vedic science for more than 25 years, said Astrology was not a mere "fortune telling" but a profound science which gives insight into the way the nature functions and delves into matters related to the root of creation.
Dismissing the argument that Astrology does not stand scientific scrutiny, Foss, who has also developed Vedic Astrology software for analysing "Kundalis" (birth charts), says Astrology, like any other science, is repeatable, testable and based on mathematical calculations.
"If it (Astrology) had not worked, it would not have lasted for thousands of years. It is relevant to all societies at all times as it tells us why things happen the way they happen," said Foss who was here to participate in an international seminar on 'India's contribution to the world of science'.
Advocating introduction of vedic astrology as part of university curriculum, he said four universities in Britain had introduced the course last year while two American universities were presently offering these courses.
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