India Will Annex Pakistan
Kashmir If There Is
War Says Minister
By Jim Rarey

Kolkata (IANS) - India will annex the Pakistan-administered Kashmir if a war breaks out, an Indian minister has said.
Minister of State for Communications Tapan Sinha told reporters in Murshidabad district, some 200 km north of here, that an "undeclared war" was currently raging with Pakistani troops along the border in Jammu and Kashmir.
"The Indian military is awaiting the orders for an assault. But we don't want war," Sikdar said. "However if there is a war, we will permanently take Pakistan-held Kashmir.
India and Pakistan are locked in a military standoff since terrorists said to belong to two Pakistan-based groups attacked the Indian Parliament last month.
India controls the southern two third of Kashmir and Pakistan the northern third. Both countries dispute the ownership of the picturesque Himalayan state.
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