Phony ET Photo Floats The Net
Foam Latex Abounds!

This email along with the photo below was received here at It is, of course, a clear fake. Such rubber alien props are available on the net, as well as at the Roswell gift shops.
I am forwarding this photo along to a blind carbon copied list of people I think should be aware of this photo. If you have recieved this in error, please delete it immediately and do not view the attached photo. I have had this in my possession for a year and recently scanned it. Please believe that this is no joke or fraud, this is a real 'little person' (as I have come to refer to them as) and people need to be aware that these beings exist. I took this photo myself and I am still deeply troubled by the event. I am a retired police officer and do not wish to lose my pension over this, so I'm sending this anonymously. Please forward this photo on to any person or organization you believe could benefit from this knowledge. There will be no further email coming to you from this account.
Thank you, A concerned member of the human race.

The above life-size rubber aliens from

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