Penis-Multilating Tampon Puts
Rapists Out Of Business - Forever
From Jan Lamprecht
From Adriana Stuijt

SOUTH AFRICA - An anti-rape device which chops off the tip of a rapist's penis has been invented by a retired anaesthetist in the Free State, South Africa.
Jaap Haumann, 72, who now farms near the small town of Clocolan, has designed a "mutilator tampon" designed to lop off the end of a rapist's penis.
Dr Haumann's extraordinary invention was prompted by the fact that rape has become so endemic in South Africa that a rape now is being reported every 26 seconds to police. Dr Haumann said he designed the device after speaking to rape victims -- and said he believed that at least a million South African women would flock to buy it.
"It became clear to me that rape has a devastating impact on the lives of women, physically and especially mentally."
He said in one instance, a rape victim had refused to leave her house, even nine months after she was raped. Her friends did her shopping for her.
"We all know that South Africa has the highest rape statistics in the world. With this device I believe would-be rapists would think twice before attacking any woman in this country."
Dr Haumann said the device is designed to be used in the same way as a tampon. "I designed a hard cylindrical plastic core which contains the spring blade, which slices when pressed against.
"This plastic core is covered by soft material, the same as a real tampon. This is then inserted by the woman. When the rapist attacks the woman and penetration takes place, the point of his penis will touch the section containing the blade and it (the penis), or at least a part of it, is sliced off."
Speaking of the danger of HIV infection from a bleeding rapist, Dr Haumann said because rape was a violent crime, the danger of infection from semen was high in any event.
Many South African women already habitually carry antiretroviral medication with them to prevent HIV-transfer in case they got raped.
"But when a woman wears this device she would not resist and would not be damaged internally. So the chances of being infected by the blood from the rapist are, indeed, also less."
Dr Haumann said the deterrent value of the device would be immense.
"And this is really the idea. If this device makes rapists think twice about attacking women, we have already achieved something."
But some women approached for comment, found the idea of carrying such a "tampon timebomb" absurd.
"I would be extremely uncomfortable. Again the onus is put on the woman. Men who rape women should be jailed for life. Men should not rape, end of story," said one.
Dr Haumann said the device was still in the design stage. "It would cost about R10 to manufacture one such device and I estimate at least a million South African women would wear it," he said
14 Year Old Afrikaner Girl Raped By Gang Of Blacks
By Jack Galt
PRETORIA -The 14-year old Afrikaner girl who was cruelly raped this week by a gang of five blacks in her parental home in Pretoria, has been traumatised for the rest of her life.
This was said by Rev. Barbara Louw of the organisation Inter-Trauma Nexus (ITN) this week The organsiation provides psychological councelling to the family and to the SA Policemen who also had to receive urgent psychiatric counselling after investigating the crime scene Tuesday. Hundreds of irate South Africans have been flooding the news media ever since with angry accusations that this crime had been a deliberately racist attack to terrorise the entire Afrikaner community.
The child was discharged from a Pretoria hospital after her cruel ordeal, during which she was gang-raped by five men in the bathroom of her parental home.
"It is terrible what happened to this girl. Her virginity was cruelly destroyed and at the age of 14, a person still seeks for one's identity," said rev. Louw.
The police yesterday drew up identikit pictures of the five suspects, and these are being released today, said.insp. Gideon Thessner, polisiewoordvoerder in Pretoria.
Irate callers to the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld said this rape and the attack on this entire Afrikaner family is a cruel, barbaric attack against a family who belongs to a specific group in society. It was a deliberately racist attack," one reader told Beeld.
The five rapists gained access to the house by climbing across a 2-meter high wall and tearing out the burglar bars in a window of the house.
The heavily-armed men invaded the house, tied up the mother, father, six-year-old sister and ten-year-old brother with barbed wire in the living room.
They then took the 14-year-old Afrikaans girl into the bathroom where they gangraped her.After this, the girl's father was beaten and kicked in his face while still tied up.
The gang then ransacked the family home and fled with the family car, which was later found abandoned in nearby Tembisa.
Thessner said the badly traumatised family has immediate out of the home and moved in with family in Pretoria. The police unit for child protection and sexual offences is investigating the crime.
Female Tourists Warned To Pack AIDS-Rape Drugs Before Travelling To SA
LONDON - Doctors in America and England are advising women travelling to South Africa and the rest of the continent to pack anti-Aids drugs in their luggage because of the high incidence of the disease and rape. Similar advice is being given to South Africans travelling to other African countries.
In South Africa, a rape is reported every 23 seconds -- and of those reported rapes, a small child is raped every thirty minutes. This is due to the widespread belief among black residents that Aids can be cured by raping young virgins.
In the September edition of a British security magazine, Intersec, an article dealing with the Aids threat to the country and female tourists states: "The high number of reported rapes in the country is already a deterrent for prospective visitors -- and the South African government's decision not to provide AZT to victims of rape means they are unlikely to get the drugs at local clinics."
Dr Andrew Jamieson, the medical director of the British Airways Travel Clinic, said the academic travel medicine community had discussed the issue for a number of years.
"About six months ago, it was decided that this would be a reasonable thing to do ... it's all about risk management. There is a real risk for travellers to this country and other countries in Africa. We do have a high HIV rate and a high incidence of rape so we cannot pretend it is not there," he said.
Dr Jamieson said doctors at travel clinics were targeting "high risk" people - women travelling alone, medical students and people working for aid organisations in rural areas.
"South Africa in particular attracts adventure tourists. We probably wouldn't offer it to a granny on a tour bus, but the young backpacker would be at substantial risk."
The drug comes at a high price. In SA it costs between R1 000 and R2 000. In England and the US it is more expensive. And yet, Dr Jamieson said, the availability of the drug through the travel clinics had, to some extent, been consumer-driven with travellers feeling safer knowing they had their own supply if they needed it.
While there are fears that the advice offered by the clinics could deter tourists from coming to South Africa and "create unnecessary paranoia," the risks are already well-documented.
Moss Mashishi, the CEO of South African Tourism, said he believed the situation had been "overstated".
"Sensationalised reports about the threat of HIV to foreigners visiting South Africa negates the hard work the tourism sector is putting in to ensure tourist safety.
"Satour has had no official notification regarding the contraction of HIV by foreign visitors to South Africa under the circumstances referred to. All tourism authorities make a concerted effort to educate and inform foreign visitors of high-risk areas in the country."
A Child Is Raped Every 30 Minutes In SA
JOHANNESBURG - Every 30 minutes a child is raped in South Africa. Official police and child welfare agency statistics show that police deal with more than 40 000 cases of all forms of crime against children a year. This was revealed by Jackie Loffell of the Johannesburg Child Welfare Society at the 13th International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect in Durban.
Loffell has challenged South Africa -- as a signatory of the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child -- to uphold the full range of children's rights.
Two Men Suspected Of 53 Rapes/Murder At
Orange Farm Region

By James Manyapelo
JOHANNESBURG - Witnesses are asked to come forward to help convict two arrested serial killers-rapists whom police believe are responsible for at least 53 murders of mostly women and children, found raped and mutilated in the Orange Farm and Nasrec region since 1995. Police have appealed to the public to help identify five Indian victims of the mass murders who are still in the local morgues.
Police arrested Lazarus Mazikane and Kaizer Motshegwa, both 27, in July for unrelated cases, and later established that they were also involved in 53 murders since 1995 in what police said may prove to be the country's worst serial killings. If convicted, the two men would go on record as the country's youngest serial killers-- as the started in 1995 when they were both 22. Mazikane is a convicted rapist serving a 30 year sentence, while Motshegwa is awaiting trial on other, unrelated cases.
The police are seeking help in identifying four women and a child - suspected to be Indian and allegedly from Lenasia - which are not included in the 53 murders already counted.
Investigating officer in the case Piet Byleveld says that "the body count of the alleged killers may be even higher, there is a strong possibility that more cases will be added".
Byleveld said that the methods used in the cases of these murders were similar, "It seems to us that the victims were raped before being strangled to death." Some victims had parts of their bodies chopped off.
The police also believe that some of the murders resulted from hijackings. "Some may have been followed from their workplaces to the open veld. "We also believe that most of the victims were from Soweto in Diepkloof, Orlando, Jabulani since most of the bodies were discovered in Maraisburg, Naturena, and the industrial Nasrec area in southern Johannesburg including Soweto," police spokesperson Henriette Bester added.
Byleveld said that it was very unusual to have accomplices in serial murder cases "which is why we had to work so hard to finally establish a link between the killings".
He said that he would be glad to see the case over by next year if only people could come forward with information, "At the moment we have 40 eye-witnesses but the problem has always been that they often disappear."
Byleveld, who was recently promoted to the rank of superintendent, has a very good record in investigating serial killings.
Byleveld successfully investigated the Wemmer Pan and Hammer serial killings that involved Cedric Maake who was sentenced to 1 340 years in prison in March this year for 27 murders he was convicted of committing in and around Johannesburg.
He also arrested Moses Sithole who killed 45 women in his murder counts. Byleveld also dealt with the Kranskop serial killer Bongani Mseka who murdered 11 people.
The Hideous Rape And Murder Of A 14 Year Cape Town Girl
CAPE TOWN - One of the four gang members accused of repeatedly raping and murdering 14-year old Cape Flats girl Shahieda Valencia Farmer, claims that gang members had ordered him to confess to the child's murder and he had then made a confession to a magsitrate, but had not actually murdered her. He had however raped her, although he believed she had already been dead at the time.
Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza, councillor for the 16-year-old accused rapist-murderer, said he had been ordered to take the blame by gang members Keevin and Freddie" -- who threatened to kill him and his mother, minutes before he was arrested. The threats were made in front of the police who arrested him and the youth believed police would not protect him. .
Another witness Mr Franklin Roberts, 20, a known gang member, testified that Valencia had already been dead by the time he had been called to the derilict house where she had been kept imprisoned as a sex slave.
He cited gang member named Bekkies as saying a "woman" was inside the derelict house, and when they went to look, they found the girl, apparently already dead. Me and three other gang members -- Elmario Maasdorp, Glenville (Bekkies), Faro and the accused then raped her again. She had been raped repeatedly before that by many members of the gang. The others then accused me of having murdered her, but I do not have any knowledge about who actually killed her," Roberts testified.
However, at this point, Valencia had not yet been dead.The severely injured and traumatised girl was eventually found by a search party and taken to hospital, where her life could no longer be saved. During the child's long, brutal rape ordeal, she had been been stabbed more than fourty times and had been left to die with her her throat cut.
Cape Town Mayor Axed Over Child Porn
CAPE TOWN - The mayor of the Cape Metropolitan Council, William Bantom, has been forced to quit the New National Party after he was caught down-loading pornography from the Internet and watching pornographic videos at the City Council's office. He was caught by officials while viewing children and adults engaged in sexual activity.
Bantom's resignation comes a day after New National Party leader and Democratic Alliance deputy chief Marthinus van Schalkwyk had backed calls for a register of sex offenders to be instituted.
Western Cape premier Gerald Morkel told a news conference on Tuesday that he had asked Bantom for his resignation after the mayor was caught by council officials dabbling with pornography for a second time last week at the council offices -- despite an earlier warning.
"Nobody is going to support him any more. His own members of council will put pressure on him to resign (as mayor)," Koole said. Bantom is also a highly respected church minister.
Morkel had first been informed last year that Bantom had visited a number of pornographic sites on computers at the Council offices. "Initially, he said that he required the information for a thesis on which he was working but when I pressed him, he broke down and promised it would never happen again."
Bantom was given a second chance -- but had been warned that if there was any repetition he would insist on his resignation from the NNP.
For almost a year after the first event, there had been no indications Bantom was involved in pornography of any kind while at the Council offices. But at the end of last week, he learned that Bantom had been playing adult pornographic videos in his office again.
Bantom had been discovered watching the videos when "someone went to his office to see cricket". "I demanded his resignation from the NNP with immediate effect."
Morkel said since Bantom had not ceased his pornographic activities, he clearly was not fit to be a candidate in the coming municipal election. His penchant for pornography was also known to several officials within the council.
When people viewed pornographic material in their own home it was their business but when this was done on state or council property, "I draw the line," Morkel said.
Cape Town has become known among the international sex tourism trade as the "sleaze capital of the world". It has become targetted particularly by child-sex merchants, who organise child-sex tours for paedophiles to South Africa's Mother City.
"Child-sex" is of course, a kinder way of describing raping the defenceless. Thousands of children are now working as prostitutes in the Cape Town area and child protection agencies recently warned that a lurid child-slavery trade has been uncovered with Aids orphans from the entire Southern African region, who are being smuggled by international criminal gangs to brothels as far away as Thailand.
From Charlette LeFevre
As well as the intentions may be (and disregarding the sensationalism of the story which seems reactionary to a weak justice system and social structure), this story seems worded to make not only every male cring but every woman over a device that hasn't even been developed yet!
For health and liability reasons this device would not fly.
1. Pastic inserts have long been known to harbor bacteria resulting in toxic shock syndrom.
2. The liability alone of inserting this device the wrong way or even removing after it has been activated with sharp blades....well, that should be obvious. The woman is likely to receive injuries equatable if not more than the man.
3. This device works only after the fact of violation.
4. After mutilation, this device places the woman more in a position of retaliation to be killed.
5. A non-visable weapon cannot effectively be called a deterrant.
Not surprised this invention was thought up by a man. Would think that less dangerous forms of defense women can use such as kick boxing or pepper spray would work just as well if not better in deterring attacks.
Charlette LeFevre

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