'Planet X' - Nibiru Myth
Rising On The Internet -
A Call For Skepticism

By Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International

A new myth is rising on the internet.
This new myth claims that Planet X, some believe is Zechariah Sitchen's long-period planet Nibiru, is entering our solar system and interacting and causing changes to other planets as well as our sun and is due to pass through Earth's orbit sometime in the year 2003. One of the alarmist who is predicting catastrophe for our good old Terra Firma is Mark Hazlewood, a guest on last night's Art Bell show.
There are changes occurring in our solar system, but the causes are still unknown. One possible cause can be conjectured from the path our solar system takes through new regions of space as the galaxy turns. These new regions may have higher concentrations of dust (cosmic clouds) that may be affecting the sun and planets. We know that the Martian ice at the poles is defrosting and that the sun's high level of activity has lasted longer than normal.
Many point to the discovery of Object 2001 KX76, a fairly large minor planet, a recent find in the Kuiper Belt among other minor planetoids found on the solar system's outer perimeter. KX76 is estimated to be the size of Pluto's moon Charon.
See: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.go v/apod/ap010830.html
Sitchen's description of Nibiru depicts a much larger body, a planet larger than Mars, mayber larger than Earth. KX76 is only about 900 km in diameter and only the size of a small moon so it is baffling how this can be confused with the description of Nibiru.
There is also no data on KX76 leaving the company of the Kuiper belt and entering the inner solar system.
We have seen no convincing evidence that a large planet is going to intersect the Earth's orbit in 2003. If anyone has any reference to hard scientific data that disproves this, feel free to speak out.
Evidently, doomsdayers are not daunted and are already making survival plans for the coming catastrophe of 2003. Please be prudent when hearing these extraordinary claims and ask for evidence before acting on such alarms.
Here is Mark's website: Planetx.html
Healthy skepticism is a good thing so please evaluate all such claims with a critical mind. The same goes for UFOs. That is why we cannot believe the debunkers in that case.
Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.

Dear Jeff
I see Bill Hamilton has trouble getting his facts right.
It is my understanding that Mark Hazlewood has NO connection with what Hamilton says is his site, namely: Planetx.html
I believe that Mark's site, is, in fact
Stephanie Relfe

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