Pakistan And China Renew
Defence Cooperation Commitment

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BEIJING - China and Pakistan on Tuesday renewed their commitment to continue cooperation in the defence sector. Top-ranking military officials of the two countries at their formal talks held here discussed ways and means to further strengthen their cooperation.
Pakistan's side was led by General Muhammad Aziz, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC), while General Fu Quanyou, Chief of General Staff, represented the Chinese side. Defence sources told APP that the talks were held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere and both the sides resolved to continue the existing bilateral cooperation in the defence field.
General Aziz briefed the Chinese military commander about the latest developments in the region and the steps being taken by President Pervez Musharraf in defusing the tension between India and Pakistan, and bringing lasting peace to South Asia.
Gen Fu lauded Pakistan's firm position taken against terrorism and the efforts being made for bringing peace and stability to the region. In this connection, he particularly mentioned the measures announced by General Pervez Musharraf in his address to the nation. President Musharraf's address, he said, reflects Pakistan's strong commitment to eradicate terrorism and to resolve its disputes with India through dialogue and peaceful means. Pakistan, he said, has been effectively handling the situation, erupted after Sept 11 incident.
Gen Fu remarked, "China attaches great importance to its cooperation with Pakistan. China considers it a time-tested and all-weather friend." He noted this friendship is growing with the passage of time. He said Pak-China cooperation in the defence sector contributes a lot to ensuring peace and stability.
The Chairman CJCSC appreciated Chinese assistance in the defence sector and said his country cherishes this cooperation for their mutual benefit. He thanked the Chinese military leadership for extending warm reception to him and the members of his delegation. During the talks, General Aziz was assisted by the members of his delegation, Riaz H Khokhar, Pakistan ambassador to China and the Beijing-based Pakistan attaches of the three Services. Gen Fu was assisted by the senior officers of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).
Earlier, on his arrival at the PLA Headquarters, General Aziz was presented a formal welcome, including guard of honour by a contingent of the Chinese armed forces. Later, General Aziz also had a meeting with Zhan Wannian, Vice Chairman, Chinese Central Military Commission and discussed with him various aspects of the ongoing Pakistan-China defence cooperation.
Wannian also appreciated the measures announced by President Pervez Musharraf for de-escalation of tension in the region and rooting out extremism. He hoped these measures would further strengthen Pakistan's position in the region and to resolve its differences with India. He assured China would continue to extend its support to Pakistan in the defence field. General Aziz is likely to meet Chinese President Jiang Zemin during his stay in Beijing, besides meeting other top-level civil and military leaders.
The News International, Pakistan

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