Skolnick - The Enron Black
Magic - Part 3: Forbidden Secrets

By Sherman H. Skolnick

What happens to previous scandals and commotions? If left unresolved, if there is no closure, do they simply go away?
In large part, the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press is responsible for the growing short attention span of many Americans. Supposedly from nowhere, like a mushroom out of a cave, the press fakers present suddenly a new buzzing, separate from their usual war-mongering to aid the war-profiteering industries.
After such new item is served up to us, day and night, it disappears from the alleged "news". That is where the problem starts. Ordinary people, busy paying the landlord or the mortgage company, wrongly suppose the matter is ended. Why? The press whores have stopped bombarding us with it.
That being said, consider the following:
About 1985, super international swindler Marc Rich, fled the United States for Zug, Switzerland. He was about to be grabbed and prosecuted by the American authorities for 40 Billion Dollars of fraud, and massive cheating and tax evasion. He proceeded to buy the key authorities in that part of Switzerland where is located his international headquarters. So, the Swiss were not about to send their great corrupt benefactor and paymaster to the U.S. As strange as it may seem, the local prosecutor was his DEFENSE ATTORNEY. Marc Rich was not about to be sent back to the U.S. to face the music.
In the years that followed, Marc Rich proceeded, among other things, to do the following. That was accomplished through his tremendous links to the Chicago markets, acting as his front men and agents for dirty worldwide dealings disguised as trading in currencies, commodities, and indices. Including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the Chicago Stock Exchange (formerly the scandal-scarred Midwest Stock Exchange, subject as we have told on our website of massive embezzling of funds permitted by the corrupt IRS brass). Also, including money center banks, Chicago, New York, and London.
Some of the things Marc Rich International did or caused to be done or procured to be done---
===Swindled Ferruzzi, the Pope's soybean company in America, out of billions of dollars and destroyed their business as competitors to Archer-Daniels-Midland, ADM, and Cargill, who have been monopolizing the business. To accomplish this, was the largest amount judicial bribery in U.S. history, over 62 million dollars in bribes given to five Chicago federal judges to cover up and whitewash related soybean cases, according to the witnessed confession made in our presence of a Director of the Chicago Board of Trade. [Please do not heckle me with ill-informed, naive statements why these corrupt judges have not been prosecuted and jailed. Some of them, in violation of law, while on the bench, also represent the billion dollar stock portfolio of Rockefeller's University of Chicago, containing large blocks of ADM and other stocks. As Rockefeller puppets, such judges are immune from criminal laws.]
As part of this, the Ferruzzi chieftain was murdered at the same time in 1993 as Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.
[To get a handle on this, you have to study our entire website series on Marc Rich, together with "Chief Crook Enters Microsoft Case" (then Chief Federal Appeals Judge negotiating possible settlement) as well as "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police, Part 3" and "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush, Part 4."] ===Marc Rich International made a deal with the U.S. Military and other U.S. authorities to change over lead-bullet manufacturing to tungsten from Red China, the world's major supplier of the metal. As supervised by Marc Rich, the Red Chinese built and are operating a tungsten ammo factory in California. Eventually, as little publicized, all lead bullets, U.S. Military and civilian, on the pretended idea they are "toxic", will be unlawful in the U.S. Notice the treason. A country as a sworn enemy of the U.S. will thus come to control all U.S. bullet-manufacturing including on U.S. soil. [Visit our Marc Rich website story for the details.]
After about 1985, the mass media said little, if anything, about Marc Rich. Occasionally the press did mention "nothing stories", as they are called, about his socialite wife, who later became his ex-wife, although she apparently continued to get boatloads of money from him from Switzerland and elsewhere. So, if the Marc Rich subject was already of no interest to the average person, well, you wrongly supposed there was closure.
And who after 1985, joined in with this giant money laundry, Marc Rich International, to be together as experts on money laundering, and political and financial corruption? Why, of course, Enron. They dealt in energy contracts and supplies, commodities, telecommunications, internet brokering. You name it, Enron traded it, sold it, bought it, and in the process, like Marc Rich, bribed any and all public officials necessary to be the subject of the BIG FIX.
After 1985, the resulting firm should have been properly called ENRON/MARC RICH INTERNATIONAL. And Marc Rich brought into the equation links to the American CIA as well as various foreign intelligence agencies. [Visit our Marc Rich website series for details.]
As is not well known, Bill and Hillary Clinton are closely aligned, financially and otherwise, with the Bush Family. For example, Bill Clinton as Arkansas Governor split huge dope funds, washed through the Chicago markets, with Daddy Bush, Henry Hyde, and Ollie North. Part of it was the Mena, Arkansas airport caper.
For example, Daddy Bush was a sizeable owner of the American unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, that reportedly supplied the ingredients to Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein for the manufacturing of poison gas. Hillary Clinton was a Director of American LaFarge.
In his zero hour, just before leaving office in January, 2001, William Rockefeller Clinton [we explain elsewhere where we call him that] pardoned Marc Rich. The George W. Bush White House, as a cover up for Clinton, removed the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Jo Ann White, supposedly deeply investigating the pardongate scandal. Bill and Hillary reportedly had parked for them, in Switzerland and elsewhere offshore, several million dollars from Enron/Marc Rich International to whitewash Marc Rich through an arbitrary pardoning process. When she was yanked out of office, Ms White was in the process of fingering Bill and Hillary as well as Bill's dope trafficking brother Roger.
===Enron/Marc Rich owns the George W. Bush Administration, as well as heads of pertinent federal regulatory agencies, and key Republicans and Democrats IN BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS.
===The head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has to decide whether accounting firm Arthur Andersen's auditing is such that they are no longer dependable to sign approval of publicly-traded firm's doings. The current S.E.C. Chairman, Harvey Pitt, said his Enforcement Division and others will do something about Arthur Andersen irrespective of the fact that Pitt as an attorney represented Arthur Andersen. The monopoly press does not mention that the S.E.C. and other regulatory agencies are stuffed full of Enron and Arthur Andersen and Marc Rich yesmen and cowards.
The previous S.E.C. Chairman, Arthur Levitt, has been on the television news making noises like something should be done about Arthur Andersen & Co. What, if anything, did HE do? The press fakers do not mention that Levitt has been a Senior Consultant to CARLYLE GROUP, tied to Daddy Bush, Enron, the Bin Laden Group and Osama bin Laden, and apparent secret owners of what has been until now the firm with exclusive Pentagon contracts for making anthrax vaccine, BioPort, of Lansing, Michigan. [See our website story about the Anthrax Commissars.]
===Then there is David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the U.S. who heads the investigative arm of the Congress supposed to check out matters related to S.E.C., Enron, Arthur Andersen, Marc Rich, and such, namely, the General Accounting Office, GAO. Until November, 1998, Walker was a partner, board member, and global managing director of Arthur Andersen & Co. And his agencies now are reportedly as well stuffed with Enron, Arthur Andersen, and Marc Rich yesmen and cowards.
===Marc Racicot [pronounced ROSS-coe] is an Enron lawyer and lobbyist. When he was still Montana Governor, he was the Bush Family hatchet man to reportedly arrange massive bribes to DEMOCRAT officials in Southern Florida during the Electoral College vote episode in the 2000 Presidential Election. Along with former Cabinet Member in the Daddy Bush Administration, James Baker 3rd, Racicot reportedly used part of some 40 million dollars of dope money of Carlos Lehder, co-founder of the Medellin Colombia Dope Cartel. Lehder is a reputed business partner of the Bush Family. Although sentenced to a long federal prison term, but to protect the Bush Family from criminal charges by his testimony, Lehder has mysteriously DISAPPEARED from federal prison, sort of like they also do in Mexico. [See our website series on Chandra Levy for more details.]
The southern Florida DEMOCRAT officials were reportedly bribed to stop the ballot recount to help Bush steal the election process with the help of the "Gang of Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court.
To keep tabs on the thieves in both Houses of Congress, Racicot has been named head of the Republican National Committee, RNC. Journalists in northern Montana as well as Canadian law enforcement oficials contend that Racicot while Montana Governor was instrumentally implicated in cross-border dope trafficking. Little known or understood by many ordinary Americans, massive amounts of dope are coming through Canada and into the U.S. through Montana. The Canadian authorities reportedly have an arrest warrant issued for a top FBI official of southern Florida who has relatives in Canada and he is apparently part of the dope traffic and the cover up. The Clinton White House had blocked, and then the George W. Bush White House has stopped, the Canadians from using the arrest warrant to grab the FBI official linked to Clinton/Bush Family.
===All the personnel of the U.S. Attorney's office in Houston have disqualified themselves as to Enron. Why? Because of their family and financial links to Enron. Hey, were they all blind, deaf, and dumb, in the past as to what Enron was doing?
===When he was a U.S. Senator, John Ashcroft, had his campaign financed in part by Enron. He is now U.S. Attorney General. So, okay, he is disqualifying himself. BUT, the Justice, or Injustice Department, is stuffed full of Marc Rich, Enron, Arthur Andersen puppets, yesmen and cowards. Critics call him JOHN ASHCAN.
===Pending in Houston, Texas, in the federal court is a case against the officials and directors of Enron. Hearing the case is U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal. Asked to freeze the assets of Enron's top brass, the judge hesitates. No wonder. Previously, she was a law partner to James Baker 3rd, in the firm Baker & Botts, reportedly interwoven with the Bush Family, the Florida election bribery, Enron, Carlyle Group, Bin Laden Group and Osama bin Laden.
As is typical of such situations, the chicken-hearted lawyers who brought the claims to court so far have not asked Judge Rosenthal to remove herself.
===Sooner or later there will be cases involving Enron and Arthur Andersen & Co. in the Texas state courts. Notice the problem. The highest court of Texas is the Texas Supreme Court with nine judges. SEVEN OF THEM belong to Enron. AND, there is no provision in Texas law to disqualify the state high court judges who will proceed to hear any such case.
===During the Reagan/Daddy Bush Administrations, Wendy Gramm was for twelve years head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, regulating the commodity industry. As pointed out earlier in this series, she was reportedly the recipient of bribes along with her husband who has decided not to run for re-election as U.S. Senator (R., Texas), Phil Gramm. While leaving office she pushed through regulations freeing Enron from supervision. She also reportedly covered up the bribery, by the infamous bank, BCCI, of 28 members of the U.S. Senate and 108 members of the House of Representatives. [Visit Part One of this series on website.]
As part of the apparent Enron cover up, Wendy was a Board Member AND on the inner auditing committee. She reportedly helped cover up the massive money laundering by Enron/Marc Rich International through the Chicago markets and major money center banks.
===As mentioned in Part Two of this series, the Federal Reserve siphoned off 60 billion dollars of Enron funds, hidden partnership deals (some with Marc Rich International), and using fractional reserves, and derivatives hocus-pocus, has been temporarily pumping up the Dow Jones 30 Industrials.
===Only fools would trust the Internal Revenue Service to supposedly investigate why and how Enron did not pay income taxes. In a series on IRS high-level corruption, we showed how their top brass are riddled with corruption including operating an ocean-going vessel, "California Rose", as a floating money laundry for illicit funds. [Visit our website series on the IRS.]
===There is a serious dilemma. On the one hand, we ordinary Americans need to have the truth of Enron/Arthur Andersen/Marc Rich International fully exposed. The problem is that some foreign countries are helping bring out a few of these details in the press, such as major newspapers in England. Why? Since at least the War of 1812, the British have vowed to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Government, and revert this Continent to being British puppet colonies with the inhabitants here subjects of the British Crown.
[For details, visit our website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic".] In the 1970s, Arthur Andersen & Co., to escape court scrutiny of their involvement with the American CIA, moved their financial structure to Switzerland, as an entity there known as a Societe Generale.
As the U.S. Government is currently constituted, a full and complete investigation of Enron/Marc Rich International/Arthur Andersen & Co., would cause the downfall of [1] U.S. espionage agencies and exposure of the numerous American CIA proprietary companies, some trafficking dope through the money center banks and the Chicago markets; [2] downfall of the Presidency as such, and making any future "election" a farce and a joke; [3] The downfall of the U.S. tax-collection apparatus, such that the U.S. Government could not continue functioning minus the fund intake, legal or otherwise; [4] downfall and discrediting of the judicial, executive, and legislative branches of the purported U.S. Government.
Some foreign countries are hoping to make more progress taking over the industrial and financial structure of the U.S. as a result of a terrible scandal. On the other hand, the American common people need these matters to be exposed. A resultant upheaval, even a Revolution, may simply pave the way for a Napoleon-like Emperor and Dictator, leading ordinary Americans, in an outburst of false "patriotism", to believe we should send our military in every corner of the world to stick our bloodied nose into every other peoples' culture and business. Do we Americans have enough cemetery land for all the young dead American soldiers that would result? Or, would American dead soldiers be buried in foreign places, "In Flanders Field, poppies grow, between the crosses, row on row...." (as a World War One poem put it)?
More coming.
Stay tuned.

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