The New Faisaliah Giant
Obelisk - Occult Symbolism?


Jeff, Check out the new stunning Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh, KSA.
I actually went down to the site recently when I was in Riyadh and counted the floors which to my surprise were exactly 30!
As you can see from the pictures there are 3 sections of 10 floors each with 3 main dividers = 33. The previous city limit for building height was 14-stories.
What is even more interesting is the giant glowing red spherical object embeded in the topmost section of the tower: the "glittering golden globe" (all seeing eye?!) on top of which there is a hollow space and then a capstone!?! I have to say I had chills running down my spine when I first saw this colossal masonic obelisk.
The Faisaliah tower was named after the late King Faisal of saudi Arabia who was one of the founders of the country. In addition, it is supposed to house the King Faisal "philanthropic" Foundation. It is situated in the heart of Riyadh, in the center of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian peninsula - the capital city of the so-called "leader" of the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia.
I have been inside the shopping mall area just beside the tower and there is interesting energy in that building. What is even more interesting is that the tower itself is heavily-guarded and although the glittering globe restaurant is supposed to be open (almost 2 years now since the ceremony), every time I take my family down there to have dinner I get blocked by security guards saying that the "prince" has not officially inaugrated the tower yet.
I have to say that I am begining to realy wonder what is up there. I have lived in this city for years and I must note that the negative energy in this city is like none I have ever experienced, except maybe for New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and Paris. The country is definately run by the brotherhood and the royal family are definitely bloodline. ___
Full slide show or mpeg of opening ceremonies -
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