The End Of The New World Order?
By Tim Rifat

The September 11 attack on America was organised by a Trillionaire elite who own the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the World Bank and the IMF -- whilst Bin Laden is a bought and paid for front man for these aspirant world rulers. America was attacked because the Bush clan and the US military are vying for supremacy in the NWO with the Trillionaire elite, who wish to cripple the US and render its armed forces impotent. If the Trillionaire elite win this struggle the same group that organised Kennedy's assassination and Nixon's impeachment will oversee the downfall of Bush. The world will be shocked by revelations of War Crimes from camp X Ray in Cuba; for it is an open secret that the Muslim madmen there have been given the full NSA treatment. This involves roof of the mouth surgery, to place implants in the prisoners amygdalas, so that at the flick of a switch the pain receptors in their brains can electrically stimulated to induce total agony.
This work was pioneered by Delgado, continued by the CIA in MKULTRA and developed by the NSA for all US prisoners. To cover their tracks another implant in the hypothalamus erases all short-term memory and thereby removes all memory of their torture.
The masks and hoods the prisoners are forced to wear conceals the after effects of this NSA torture surgery. In effect a new Holocaust is in the offing with the NSA given free rein in the concentration camps built across America.
These American concentration camps are now being publicised in newspapers across Europe and, in response, liberal Europeans are beginning to view Americans as the new Nazis. While this may seem extreme it should be remembered that the Trillionaire elite own these newspapers; they also funded Hitler and Lenin and the stigma of a new Holocaust against Muslims will be used against Bush and his allies if they lose against the Trillionaire elite.
While these two malefic groups compete for world supremacy they forget that the Russians, Chinese and Indians have not been not entirely subjugated. Putin has just had the Western armed Chechen army decimated in Afghanistan; while the Jewish media mogul who owned three independent TV networks broadcasting anti Russian propaganda has been silenced and the Russian has told the Trillionaires that they can wait forever for repayment of past Soviet debts. Meanwhile the Americans seem to be intent goading China, but to no avail. First the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was bombed after which Taiwan was armed. Then the recent fiasco with the US spy plane and now Boeing has sent the Chinese President a heavily bugged 737 to serve as Presidential jet; while India nearly, but not quite, got into a nuclear confrontation with Pakistan.
However the Trillionaire elite has made a big mistake. To ensure success they should have engineered Russia,s total collapse via incessant Vietnam like wars in the south of country, using Chechens and Muslim fanatics as insurgents. India and Pakistan should have crippled each other in a small-scale nuclear conflict; while the US could have been manipulated into annihilating China, using a spurious Gulf of Tonkin type attack in the Taiwan Straits to allow open war with China. But none of this happened.
Instead various factions in the New World Order have been at odds. But arguing over who rules the N.W.O. before destroying these three pretenders to the throne could prove fatal. The advent of psychic warfare enables the Russians, Chinese or Indians to Remotely Influence and then snuff out the odious Trillionaires and the Bush clique in one fell swoop. Already telepathic hypnosis, using Remote Influencing to knock a victim out from a distance, has been used on G.W. Bush while he ate a pretzeland then choked on it. Now imagine what would have happened if he had been swimming or stepping out from the Presidential jet.
Using Remote Influencing on the insular cortex, the brain centre that controls the heart causes heart attacks in the victim; Cheney is especially vulnerable due to his heart condition. Raising and lowering serotonin or melatonin massively and erratically can drive the target insane; Rumsfield is keen to better Heinrich Himmler with his N.W.O. concentration camps so Remote Influencing him to loosen his grip on reality would be child,s play. Switching on suicide genes (using the morphogenic field of the R.I. operator on the target) in the cells of the capillaries in the brains of the Trillionaire elite would kill them all from brain embolisms in one fell swoop. For a slower kill the morphogenic field in the R.I. operator can switch on the onco genes in the Trillionaire elite so the they become riddled with incurable cancers a rather appropriate reward for these purveyors of pharmaceutical fraud and chemotherapy.
Considering one person anywhere in the world can use R.I. to kill all the Trillionaires, their families plus Bush and his clique, the hoax of the N.W.O. oligarchy could finally be thwarted. Ironically it was Sept. 11 when the adherents of the N.W.O. and their agents lost their biophysical bodies that opened up this new avenue of warfare, where the eye in the Illuminati pyramid is burnt away using R.I. Bill Coopers death should show all Americans that anyone who resists the New World Order will be eliminated but thanks to Remote Influencing anyone can eliminate the New World Order.
References: Remote Viewing by Tim Rifat published by Vision Paperbacks New Dawn Magazine issue number 69

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