Texas Teen Planned To Bomb
His Jr. High School

ROSENBERG, Texas (UPI) - A 13-year-old Rosenberg boy manufactured homemade bombs he planned to detonate at his junior high school, police said Thursday.

A total of 14 devices were found in the boy's bedroom in a police search and five of them were "active explosives," said Sgt. Wyman Hopkins. He declined to say how they were constructed.

Hopkins said investigators found "his intention was to blow up the school."

The boy attends seventh grade at George Junior High School in Rosenberg, about 30 miles southwest of Houston. He was arrested late Wednesday after two other students reported he was talking about bombs at his house.

In a detention hearing Thursday, Judge Everett Kennedy ordered the boy held for at least 10 days to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

In a two-hour search at the boy's home early Thursday, officers found a copy of The Anarchists Cookbook and the makeshift bombs. They were seized along with the boy's computer.

During the hearing, the boy's father said his son is "a good boy" and does his homework.

"I know it's a serious problem, but let's get him some counseling," he told the judge.

The boy was recently given six days of home suspension and 15 days of in-school suspension for fighting with other students, officials said.

The judge ordered him held at the Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention center. He was facing charges of making a terrorist threat, possession of bomb materials, and making a bomb. He was not identified because of his age.
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