Indian Navy Mobilised In
Stand-Off With Pakistan


NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India's navy chief confirmed on Wednesday his force was fully mobilised as part of the country's tense military stand-off with nuclear foe Pakistan.
"All three wings of the armed forces are fully mobilised. We are ready, ships are armed, fuelled and provisioned," Admiral Madhavendra Singh told his first news conference since the stand-off began.
"The navy is fully stood to, its powder is dry, we are ready," he said. He refused to confirm or deny the existence of nuclear weapons on board Indian warships.
Singh also said the presence of U.S. warships in the region may slightly complicate matters but did not worry him.
India and Pakistan have massed close to one million troops and military equipment on their frontier after New Delhi blamed Pakistan-based Muslim guerrillas for a bloody attack on its parliament last month.
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