Iowa National Guard Launches Terrorist Training Troops
Will Train For Two Weeks

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Iowa Army National Guard launched a two-week training mission Tuesday preparing members to protect our state against terrorist attacks.
Troops will be stationed in areas like Waterworks Park and Maffet Reservoir.
Military helicopter pilots surveyed Des Moines all day Tuesday getting shots of the places troops will patrol.
"They know with events that have occurred they have a role here and they're prepared to do that role," Lt. Col. Tim Orr's said.
Starting next week, officers will be making their presence known around town as part of their terrorist training.
Aside from training, the exercises are meant to serve as a reminder to Iowans. That attacks could happen here and we all need to be better prepared.
The Iowa Guard is working with the Governor's office and the Homeland Defense Coordinator so that any problems that come up can be worked out.
Iowa is the first state conducting this kind of training.

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