Did 'Rogue' US Agent Vreeland
Warn CSIS Of September 11?

By Frank Editor
(October 16, 2001)

The admission that the death of a Canadian diplomat in Moscow was murder may lend credence to the fantastic story arising from an extradition case in Toronto, in which a man claiming to be a US Naval intelligence officer says he warned the RCMP and CSIS of the September 11 attacks months in advance.
Delmart Edward Vreeland claims he travelled to Moscow in the Fall of 2000 to obtain military documents regarding Russian counter-measures to US anti-missile defence. His purpose was to see they got into the hands of CSIS, and to fool Ottawa into believing it was a Canadian discovery, so Canada and other allies might be inclined to drop their objections to "Star Wars."
His contact was a "systems analyst," Marc Bastien, said to be a CSIS agent working out of the embassy. Vreeland says he sensed something fishy with a Russian go-between, and handed over a dummy bag before travelling to Toronto, where he was arrested on December 6 on an immigration warrant.
Only days after Vreeland's arrest by Toronto police, Bastien was found dead in Moscow. Though he was only 35, the death was attributed to "natural causes." The body was returned to Canada for autopsy. Sources with the Mounties have since confirmed that Bastien indeed was murdered.
Among the Russian documents Vreeland says he retrieved was one describing impending terrorist attacks in the United States, naming Osama bin Laden as an agent and the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as likely targets.
Vreeland, with his lawyer, Paul Slansky, took the information to both CSIS and the RCMP last summer, but he was blown off as a crank.
The US Navy claim that Vreeland was discharged in the mid-80s, having failed boot camp, but there is evidence to suggest the military is altering his service record. For example, in a phone conversation recorded from jail in August-before, Vreeland contends, his entire record could be wiped from the system - he is clearly told by a petty officer at a US naval base that computer files confirm his rank as Lieutenant. An impossibility if he'd dropped out of boot camp.
If his claim is true, then why is the US hounding this man, and why does he fear for his life if he is extradited? Perhaps because Russian foreknowledge of September 11th is a can of worms best left unopened.
From Eyes On America

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