Petition For Chemtrail Disclosure
By Diane Harvey

This petition is served on behalf of the undersigned, and on behalf of all citizens of this country, whether aware or as yet unaware of the ubiquitous and alarming phenomena referred to as Chemtrails. With each passing day, the number of those who become vividly conscious of anomalous aircraft activity, visibly and provably present, is increasing dramatically. As public awareness increases, the groundswell of voices demanding an explanation for this massive clandestine operation is inexorably building. All of us who have been forced to spend our own time, energy and money to force disclosure as to the origin and purpose of this program are therefore intensifying our effort.
All relevant officials at local, state federal levels have the legal and ethical obligation to investigate serious inquiries regarding this matter from deeply concerned individuals and groups. There are, conservatively speaking, tens of thousands of United States citizens whose demand to know the cause and purpose of this phenomena is being repeatedly ignored. To continue to conveniently marginalize and dismiss with prejudice such a large and ever-growing number of public-spirited citizens will not be effective in stopping this campaign for full disclosure. The present common strategy based on wholesale refusal to look at the evidence is highly unethical and cannot be maintained in a democratic society. Those who persist in declining to acknowledge irrefutable evidence will be held accountable for a serious breach of public trust.
Whatever government agency is ultimately responsible for this long-standing and highly secretive operation of questionable purpose(s) will certainly be subject to the inevitable judgment of the people of this country. Whether or not this secret program has been initiated and is being carried out from a motive of public benefit is entirely beside the point. No government agency has the right to inflict secret experiments of any kind, based on any motive whatsoever, on an uninformed citizenry. It is a matter of public record that highly damaging government-sponsored experiments have been performed on the American public in recent history, and are continuing unabated, unregulated, and for the most part unsuspected. Furthermore, the inordinate interest displayed by a long list of military and industrial organizations in our information, documented by the daily repeated visits to websites dedicated to archiving public accumulation of Chemtrail evidence, is, in and of itself, extremely provocative.
Those whose positions we support with our tax dollars, whose responsibility it is to keep us informed and to protect us from harm, are, almost without exception, consistently failing to address our legitimate concerns. We who pay the salaries of the very same elected and appointed officials who refuse to confront our painstakingly acquired evidence of the factual existence of Chemtrails, do not accept this betrayal and subversion of the democratic process. We have collectively amassed an enormous amount of undeniable evidence that something highly unusual and distinctly harmful to the human organism is deliberately being released from unknown aircraft on a regular basis. Since our legitimate concerns addressed to those officials and agencies legally and morally responsible for investigating this on our behalf have heretofore been ignored, we have had to take matters into our own hands. We have been obliged to educate ourselves in the scientific explanations and descriptions of normal contrails, cloud formations, weather patterns, meteorological minutiae, aircraft identification, local flight patterns, radar anomalies, the interpretation of GOES satellite data, and innumerable other allied aspects of this experiment. The preceding many months of serious research by a large community of intelligent and determined citizens have resulted in a single unavoidable conclusion: an experiment of vast proportions, at immense cost, for unknown reasons and with unknown ultimate consequences, is being carried out over a long period of time without the knowledge or informed consent of the American people.
Over the period of time in question, many of us have become demonstrably, and in many cases, chronically ill from the fallout from Chemtrail activity in our immediate vicinities, and have watched with fear and dismay as our families, friends and neighbors become ill. We have minutely observed, recorded, photographed, videotaped, and kept close watch on these phenomena and their attendant effects on our environment and organisms. The present climate of willful ignorance and denial regarding our collective findings naturally does nothing to assuage our mounting concerns. To the contrary: when large numbers of rationally alarmed people are continually rebuffed and treated with the condescension typically accorded to the mentally unsound, the only result possible is increasing outrage, disgust, and a sense of disaffection from our own government. We do not accept this continuing dismissal and silence as an answer to our questions. We do not find the studied indifference, calculated disparagement and casual insults offered by those officials and government agencies we are approaching for answers, to be either lawful or morally reasonable. Therefore we will continue to press vigorously and unrelentingly for honest investigation in response to our sincere and incontestably justifiable concerns.
Incontrovertible observations regarding the continuing presence of this secret program will not be allowed to be relegated to the wastebaskets of elected officials. The sheer numbers of indignant and outraged Americans, told again and again that their perfectly clear perceptions are based on a "hoax", is insuring that this issue is not going away. Day by day, this "secret" operation is becoming less and less of a secret. The demand for an explanation is gathering momentum. The factual reality of Chemtrails is going to have to be addressed honestly, and immediately. The extensive accumulated evidence must be given a hearing, and the cause and purpose of this experiment must be disclosed to the American public. All efforts to maintain secrecy in this matter are resulting in permanent and irreparable harm to whatever trust remains between the people of this country and their government. The present official attitude of dishonest denial and irrational refusal to entertain the evidence itself has got to end. We insist, and we will persist.
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Chemtrails: Petition for Disclosure Suggestions
The concept behind "Chemtrails: Petition for Disclosure" is to provide a multi-purpose document suitable for downloading and mailing to any public official at any level of government. Any person or group can print this out, sign it, and send it off to any number of those who so richly deserve it. It is designed to stand alone, or as a cover letter to accompany any photographs, specific chemtrail research papers or any other personal and/or net-gathered evidence anyone wishes to submit to relevant persons and agencies.

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