India-Pakistan Tensions
Dangerously High


Washington (PTI) - The US has said tension between India and Pakistan was "dangerously high" and cautioned that the proliferation of nuclear materials and technology transfer posed a serious threat to international security.
"We are currently faced with dangerously high tensions in South Asia between India and Pakistan, both of which have nuclear explosive devices," US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control John Bolton said yesterday at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.
Charging "enterprises in at least a dozen countries" with missile proliferation activities, Bolton warned that "most of these (activities) are serous and could result in US sanctions, as has been done several times over the past year."
Urging control of missile-related transfers, he said all countries must "ensure that private companies operating within their borders cease illegal missile transanctions."
Bolton sounded alert of a possibility of use of nuclear and radiological weapons by rogue states or terrorist groups.
Recalling the attacks in the US on Sept 11 last year, Bolton said "the fight against terrorism will remain top international security priority. US and its partners in this fight will meet this threat with every method at our disposal. Above all, we are acting to end state sponsorship of terror."
Noting that terrorist groups, mostly, could not acquire weapons of mass destruction without the support of nation-states, he said "the fact that governments, which sponsor terrorist groups, also are pursuing chemical, biological, nuclear and missile programmes, is alarming, and can not be ignored. Nations that assist terror are playing a dangerous game.
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