DOJ Confirms Thomas'
Revelations Of China's
Attack On US Via Canada

From Carol Adler

TEMPE, AZ - Less than twenty-four hours after Seeds of Fire author Gordon Thomas revealed exclusive details of how China is using Canada as part of its all-out assault against the United States including whole-scale trafficking in humans the U. S. Justice Department confirmed his findings.
There is a "lucrative human-smuggling trade from China sanctioned by the Beijing government. The Chinese officials are running the show. It is not about one corrupt general; the Chinese government is doing it, confirmed Carol Jennifer, a high-level Justice official. Ms. Jennifer is Director of Immigration in Michigan.
It is the second time since Seeds of Fire was published that key agencies in the Bush Administration have had to confirm its revelations.
Seeds of Fire: China and the Story Behind the Attack on America, published by Dandelion Books, is available in all bookstores, at,,,, and for the trade through Biblio Distribution, Ingram, Baker & Taylor and other major wholesalers ($25.95).
The CIA confirmed that the key documents in the book briefing papers to the President on the threat China poses were authentic.
The confirmation now by the U.S. Justice Department is further stunning proof that the book is essential reading for any American.
In Seeds of Fire, Thomas details how "the Chinese machine its intelligence services, its military leaders, its politicians has one belief: It despises America.
In Seeds of Fire, Thomas reveals details about how Beijing traffics in human organs now the focus of Justice Department investigations.
"I have evidence that wealthy Chinese travel to hospitals in the People's Republic to receive transplants. The organs come from executed prisoners, said Thomas.
These details have formed part of a secret Justice Department investigation, code-named "Project Squeeze Play.
"What is happening is only the tip of a very dirty and frightening business. The traffic in humans is worth up to half a billion dollars a year, said the author.
Seeds of Fire already critically acclaimed worldwide and sold to over 40 publishers reports how China is using every means possible to infiltrate the United States.
"I am grateful for the latest confirmation by the Justice Department about the accuracy of Seeds of Fire. Like many in the Bush Administration, I see it as a wake-up call for Americans. The question now is: Will the President heed it? asked the award-winning author.
Thomas, 68, has written on intelligence for the past 28 years for leading newspapers in Britain and Europe. His awards include an Edgar Allan Poe, two citations from the Mark Twain Society for Reporting Excellence and major prizes at the Monte Carlo Film Festival.
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