Chemtrails Over Los Angeles
From Nicholas E. Jones

Hi Jeff...
Today was one of the worse chemtrail assaults we have experienced. Spraying began early morning and continued until sundown, with peak trail volume early afternoon.
The day began as relatively clear, but gradually became overcast with whispy chem clouds. Chemtrails were eventually visible right across Los Angeles, from the Valley south to Long Beach.
A strong wind carried these trails fairly rapidly eastward from overhead West LA toward downtown, as the chem cloud cover increased.
Please see photos taken around 11:00 am PST (20:00 hrs UT) and satellite imagery which clearly shows the telltale criss-crossing lines of chemtrails above Los Angeles, centered at approx. 35 degrees North latitude and 118 degrees West longitude (red circle). Viewers can go to the following link for the Naval Research Laboratory, Monterrey, California, for GOES-10 satellite imagery, and animate their own sequence of up to 16 frames, 15 min. apart:
It is ironic that the reference to "chemtrails" has been removed this week by Rep. Dennis Kucinich from HR 2977, as revised to HR 3616, "Space Preservation Act of 2002". Would the censoring Representative please note that this has not resulted in the phenomena itself disappearing. And it will not satisfy the people who are becoming increasingly frustrated at this direct and brutal violation of the environment, and very likely the health of our population. Chemtrails must be stopped: viewers please take action to inform your friends and neighbors on days when the evidence is overhead, and then file your complaints with every level of government, the FAA, the EPA and local civilian and military air traffic and air quality authorities. We must speak out or we'll lose our right to speak!
Nicholas Jones
Los Angeles
Efforts To Notify Authorities Of LA Spraying
From Lorie Kramer
Dear Jeff,
We are getting a large number of reports that Southern California is getting hit very hard with a lot of chemtrail activity.
I am forwarding these to share with you some of the effort that has been spent by members in California trying to get information from officials. The blatant disregard for citizen inquiry on this is frustrating to the extreme...
Counted 24+ chem-trails today over SoCal
They were going all day and might still be even now. One after another from one horizon to the other. If you live in Southern California and went outside today (2-1-2) you couldn't miss them. One interesting thing that convinced me they weren't ordinary con-trails was the sight of two aircraft flying past each another at nearly the same altitude with one leaving a trail that disappated and evaporated a short distance behind it and the other belching forth twin streams of who knows what that NEVER dissipated, only slowly spreading out over time. I wish I had a camera to show this to the unbelievers. Anybody in the SoCal area see this stuff today?
From Rick Moors - Rick's Gardening Tips Rick's Gardening Tips (The Chemtrail Club)
You are one of the few observant people in Los Angeles. Here's a short list of who "missed" yesterday's massive spraying:
Rep. Jane Harman's office: Her aide told me that Ms. Harman was probably not even aware of what I was talking about. I replied that she was well aware, as 2 members of our California club gave her photos, articles and documentation personally a week ago at a Town Hall meeting.
Channel 7 News - another of our members called them - no response.
(Same response from all LA TV stations for the last two years - a deafening silence).
L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca's office (323) 526 5541 - The Deputy I spoke to told me he's noticed "nothing unusual" about the sky today.
L.A. FBI office 310 477 6565 - Agent Scott Miller told me that there was no law against military aircraft leaving contrails. I asked him if there was a law against spraying any type of substance and he said, "Yes, but you would have to talk to the Air Force." We all know how effective that has been.
FAA - another member called them and got nothing but one phone machine after another. The few times I've ever spoken to a real human, they have given me the consistent cop-out, "The FAA has no juristiction over military flights."
L.A. Times: No response in over two years of emailing them on heavy spray days.
Greenpeace: Over 10 letters regarding CT's. No response
AQMD - "not their jurisdiction, talk to the EPA"
EPA - "not their jusristiction, talk to the FAA."
Senators Feinstein and Boxer: After two years, Feinstein inquired to the AF, and got a bogus "How contrails are formed 101/Chemtrails are a hoax letter." (See Carnicom: Air Force Increases Rank of Lie.) Boxer has never responded ever about chemtrails, despite over two years of emails, hard copy photos, and phone calls.
Our group here still goes after all the above bozos, but after over two years of these types of responses, you see why I'm putting more energy into cloudbusters and alternative forms of fighting the spraying.
Please feel free to check out our club for Southern California CT updates
Here is another excellent group, concentrating more on Northern and Central California.
Keep up your good observation, and try to find others like yourself.

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