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First -- eating a little crow...

Re-analysis Of "Notched UFO" Effect In Some Images
It started with the Derbyshire UFO photographs. Captured on videotape October 5th, 2001 in the UK, a striking saucer shape from a powerfully self-illuminated flying object hit the UFO News and even some UK papers. It wasn't but shortly after that when scores of similar UFOs began to pop-up on video and digital camera shots the world over. There was an immediate comparison to the (still) remarkable STS-75 UFO footage (also referred to as the "smoking gun" evidence from NASA's blocked transmissions as expertly catalogued in the video The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Smoking Gun). This comparison prompted many to jump to the defense of the Derbyshire UFO image, as well as the images below taken in Israel. Ourselves included.

STS-75 object. One of hundreds of
UFOs captured in the "tether" footage
Unfortunately, there appears to be a repeatable anomaly in video and digital cameras (even some 35 mm cameras) which cause a reflection of the lens aperatus and zoom bracket of the camera to highly distort both reflective particles in a flash shot (ie, orbs) as well as distant, bright lights when the zoom and focus are taken beyond its true reach. The resulting image produces this "notched" saucer shape, usually with concentric rings or a center plug knocked out of the center (where the focal point inverts upon itself). At left is a typical, classic "orb" photo, though produced by overzoom and beyond focal range on a camcorder shooting a distant, bright light.
A 'reflective' orb appears less instense and rightly lit, usually, as seen at right. It is commonly produed by dust or water vapor or other particulates close to the camera, outside of the focal field and often super illuminated by a flash and many are captured indoors.

We ardently defended the original viewpoint that the Derbyshire and Israeli photos were not an effect of lens/zoom/focus, or that the zoom bracket in the cameras effected the image to produce the "notch". But time and experimentation have both proven us wrong.
We do not feel this refelects at all upon the STS-75 footage as in that case one is dealing with multiple objects, in motion, at varied depths of field -- which is considerably different from the notched-orb effect we're dealing with here. As objects move (or the cameras focal or zoom change) the notch effect will likewise change, as revealed in the changing Israeli UFO image (see images in article below), and that is not seen in the STS footage - Webmaster






We have three UFO phenomena that look almost exactly the same...


From the documentary... The Secret KGB UFO Files - "The Truth is Finally Out". Roger Moore (007 Actor) narrated two UFO related documentaries with an exclusive investigation into one of the most compelling events of our time. Stunning proof that the Soviets recovered something not from this Earth. Though the program has been dubbed a total fake... in these times, who is to know?


The Derbyshire/Bonsall UFO October 5th, 2001. A 44-year-old Bonsall woman, who does not wish to be identified, saw what appeared to be a flying saucer hovering over Middleton Wood. And she captured six-and-a-half minutes of amazing footage on her camcorder before it disappeared.

NASA had a 100 million dollar tethered satellite drift away from the Space Shuttle STS-75. And soon after a few and then many disk shaped UFOs started closing in on the tethered satellite.

The white dots in this 'video screen shot' are not stars. The objects close in on the tethered satellite and move in all directions at various speeds. This video can be seen online at    (NASA56K.ram)

Also see
HERE for additional video

The tethered cable still attached to the satellite some 17.2 kilometers in length can clearly be seen from the Space Shuttle zooming in with the camera at approximately 70-90+ kilometers distance from the tethered satellite.

The objects seen in the STS-75 video could surely not be ice crystals or space debris... because they move in front and behind the tethered satellite as seen in the video. Also it is a well know fact that even a dry paint chip can cause serious damage to space craft in orbit.


Produced by Jim Bowie (Member of 'Free UFO Videos' online)

Copyright / dedications and thanks to and Martyn Stubbs for the videos of the STS-75 UFOs. Also to for the Derbyshire information, images, and a lot of other UFO related news. And thanks to Roger Moore (James Bond Actor) narrator of the Russian UFOs documentaries. Friends and I are searching for more information. Further updates at our UFO club soon. Disclaimer: All the above information may be fact or fiction. You are free to investigate. I (Jim Bowie) say please don't worry about this kind of information. Enjoy science. And enjoy the fact that a recent BBC documentary stated that there are more suns in the universe than all the grains of sand on all the beaches in all the countries on planet Earth.

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