Fox News Pulls Its Four-Part
Israeli US Phone Spying Series
Michael Rivero

Fox News just yanked the four part story about the phone spying scandal.
This has become absurd.
Here the FBI has just uncovered the largest spy ring ever discovered in our country, and the government that owns and operates that spy network is able to tell Fox News NOT to report the story?
Will someone explain to me what is going on when the nation that owns the largest spy ring ever discovered inside the United States is, even AFTER that spy ring is discovered and arrested, able to tell Fox News what stories they can and cannot run?
We need to get this to as many people as possible. Clearly, the Mossad has a huge network of people able to call and complain to Fox News to remove the story. We must muster an even greater number of people to call Fox News and DEMAND the full and complete story be put back on the web site and on the air.
Please email everyone on your activist list and post the news about this most egregious censorship, about Fox caving in on this story, to every public forum you can.
Have everyone on your activist list call Fox News to demand the return of the story, then phone ten of their activist friends and have THEM phone Fox News.

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