Dead And Missing Scientists,
Armageddon, Genetic Bioweapons
And The Return Of The
Lost Tribes Of Israel
From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Over the past few weeks several world-acclaimed researchers, geniuses by many accounts, specializing in infectious diseases, as well as DNA sequencing have been found dead or have gone missing. I believe these scientists were unaware of their participation in the developing of a genetic bioweapon that will wipe out as much as one third of the population on planet earth.
In Novemeber, Dr. Benito Que, cell biologist working on infectious diseases like HIV was found comatose outside of his lab at the Miami Medical School.
Within of week of Dr. Que's assault, Dr. Don C Wiley, foremost infectious disease researcher was declared missing. His rental car was found with a full tank of gas and the keys in the ignition. His disappearance made to look like a suicide.
According to colleagues and Dr. Wiley's family, the Harvard Scientist associated with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute would NEVER commit suicide. Associates who attended the St. Jude's Children Research Advisory Dinner with Dr. Wiley, just hours before he disappeared, said that he was in good spirits and NOT depressed.
On November 23rd, Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, the foremost Soviet Biopreparat scientist who was responsible for aerosolizing plague and was the successful developer of binary weapons known as the 'Novichok group' of weapons was found dead.
Dr. Pasechnik defected from the Soviet Union in 1989 while visiting the UK where he lived until his death in November. There were NO media reports of his death for one full week. At that time, an official from the UK intel community announced that Dr. Pasechnik had 'a stroke.' No autopsy or futher details were forthcoming.
On December 10th, Dr. Robert M. Schwartz was found murdered in his secluded farmhouse in Leesberg, Va. Dr. Schwartz was a well-known DNA sequencing researcher. He founded the Virginia Biotechnology Association where he worked on DNA sequencing in his lab for 15 years.
Halfway around the world in December, a skilled microbiologist was killed at CSIRO's animal diseases facility in Geelong, Australia. He had logged 15 years' experience with the unit. Victoria Police said Set Van Nguyen, 44, appeared to have died after entering an airlock into a storage laboratory filled with nitrogen. His body was found when his wife became worried after he failed to return from work.
I believe there a cabal exists in the US and that this group is responsible for the anthrax hoax mailings of 1998 and the recent, deadly anthrax mailings of 2001. This cabal consists of some members from the highest levels of Government, the Military and the Biotech Industry. There appears to be a clandestine plan to develop a virulent infectious disease and quite possibly a 21st century version of the 1918 Spainish flu or other virus.
This pathogen is going to be genetically-altered to only infect a certain group of people. I believe that Dr. Wiley's research of immunity factors of viruses, bacterias and mycoplasmas will be used to create a pathogen that will NOT infect (will leave untouched) a designated genetic type.
This portion of the genetic target weapon was no doubt developed with research from Dr. Schwartz. In essence, a doomsday bioweapon can be released with a guarantee that the genetic code of certain individuals, and the virus itself, will protect these individuals from infection.
If an unaltered pathogen were released, such as a virulent strain of Ebola or other level 4 bioweapon, those who release it would also fall victim to it. A type of MAD, mutually assured destruction, has thus far prevented the release of Level 4 pathogens. However, if there was a bioweapon that would NOT kill those who release it, then we would see a worldwide pandemic with a protected group left unaffected by the pandemic or "plague." ___
It has been stated throughout the Bible that when the lost 10 tribes of Israel return to their homeland to fight and win the battle of Armadeddon and Solomon's temple is rebuilt, the return of the Messiah and end of the world as we know it will be at hand.
9 of the 10 tribes have been found. They have been found in areas of the world now involved in the Afghan war. One of the missing tribes is thought to be Pathan peoples of Afghanistan. Other tribes have been found in Uzbekistan, in India on the border of Burma as well as in Pakistan on the border of Afghanistan. A tribe that consists only of direct desendants of Biblical priests has been found on an island off the coast of Tunisia. There is but one tribe to be found, that is the tribe of Asher.
I believe that we are going to see the prophecy of the return of lost tribes to Israel fulfilled this year. At that time, there will be a release of the genetic bioweapon created in the US under the direction of a cabal who take orders from the Antichrist.
Before the year 2001 ends, there will be more leading scientists murdered as well as those who try to bring public attention to this plot. The year 2002 will usher in the year of "Asher." The last lost tribe will be found, and the progeny of the 10 lost tribes will return to Israel to fulfill biblical prophecy.
I am not a visionary, but, I do recognize the situation at hand. The deaths of world-renowned scientists in the field of infectious diseases is a warning that the last days are here. By connecting the dots, so to speak, with regard to each scientists specialized field, I believe we can conclude a major bioweapon is in the process of development and will soon be unleased upon the world.
Furthermore, I believe that the anthrax (hoax) mailings of 1998 as well as the anthrax mailings of 2001 were perpertrated by the same cabal working on the ultimate genetic bioweapon. The purpose of the mailings was not to kill people, at this time.
The purpose was two-fold: The mailings were intended to panic the public into allowing the Government to subvert the constitution and take away many of our freedoms. This has been accomplished. Additionally, it also created a way to force mass vaccinations of the public. This part is being talked about and is clearly in the offing.
The panic caused by the anthrax mailings also inculcated within the Government, Congress, Military - and the public to be sure - a relaxed attitude regarding our involvement in offensive bioweapons research. It enabled the bioweaponeers to proceed with their plans to create a genetic bioweapon without large outcry.
There is still time, and we, the public, can stop those who plot against humanity and God. We can contact our representatives in Congress and demand some answers regarding the source of the anthrax mailings, as well as demand an investigation into the recent deaths of major infectious disease researchers.
It seems obvious that the supply of anthrax used in the recent mailings originated in Ft. Detrick's biowar lab. I believe that the anthrax used in the mailings was actually part of the US bioweapons stocks which were supposedly 'destroyed' in the 1970s. Becton Dickinson Co. was hired as an outside contractor by Ft. Detrick and given the responsiblity of eradicating our stores of bioweapons. It is my opinion that some of these weapons were not incinerated and were simply diverted to other agenices.
Please write to your representatives and demand some answers...
Thank you, Patricia Doyle


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