One In Four In UK Has Sex
In Car After Christmas Party

LONDON (Reuters) - One in four Britons has had sex in the car park after the office Christmas party, according to a survey, which said more than 80 percent of British people admitted to enjoying saucy in-car activity.
Women in Cheshire, northwest England, have sex in cars most often, with 20 percent saying they do it once a month or as often as possible, said the survey by MSN Carview, the international network of automotive Web sites on Microsoft's MSN portal.
Meanwhile, 22 percent of women in Newcastle upon Tyne, northeast England, said they had had sex in the back of a taxi, MSN Carview said in a statement.
One in three Britons admitted having a sexual experience in the back of a cab.
Nearly 40,000 people replied to questions in the survey, which found that men from southeast England were the most sexually inept -- 18 percent of them admitted injuring themselves while trying out their favorite position.
Latin lovers came out top of the in-car promiscuity league, with 18 percent of Spaniards saying they did it as often as possible and 21 percent of Italians saying they had had car sex with someone they had just met.
The survey, released Friday, said Swedes were the most daring, with 31 percent replying that their preferred location was a busy thoroughfare or public place.
The survey found that men who drive Porsche Boxters are most likely to find success in the sex stakes, while women who drive the new Volkswagen Beetles and new Minis are the most fun and Audi TT drivers were regarded as the most fanciable.

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