Pakistani Troops Pound Indian
Positions With Heavy Rockets

Jammu (PTI) - Pakistani troops today pounded Indian positions with heavy rockets, mortar bombs and high explosive anti-tank (heat) shells in Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir, official sources said here.
Pakistani field guns and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers (MBRLS) pounded Indian positions and civilian areas from 9 A.M in Digwar, Khandu, Karmara and Gulpur, Khair and Jaoan areas of Poonch sector, the sources told PTI.
The Pakistani troops also fired some heat shells besides rockets and heavy mortar shells in the areas. Due to the fear more than 2000 people migrated to safer places from several villages along the Line of Control (LoC) in Poonch, they said.
The shelling was on when reports last came in from the areas and the situation was bad, the sources said.
However, three persons were injured in this shelling and were hospitalised, they added.
Indian troops have shelled Pakistani positions opposite of these areas in retaliation. There was no report about the casualty or damage on other side, the sources said..
Meanwhile, low intensity mortar shelling and firing was reported from Baam, Bhawani, Jangard, Pallanwala, Kerni, Blakote, Ghambir and Krishanagati areas along LoC in Jammu-Poonch sector, the sources said.
It was almost quite along the International Border in Jammu sector, the sources said adding small arms fire was resorted to by Pakistani troops intermittently during night.
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