Pakistan Armed Forces
On High Alert
By Shakil Shaikh

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan armed forces were put on "high alert" Thursday following threatening statements emanating from India after an attack on Indian parliament in New Delhi. Pakistan's top military leaders will hold a "sensitive strategic conference" Friday morning to take stock of the emerging situation following threatening statements made by Indian leaders.
President General Pervez Musharraf will chair the "Military Conference" to be participated by services chiefs, vice chief of army staff and many military commanders, besides some concerned ministers. Pakistan condemned the attack on Indian parliament complex, and vowed to fight against terrorism under its international commitment. "We have received with shock the news of the attack on Indian parliament," a senior official told The News Thursday. However, hours after the attack, some Indian leaders started issuing threatening statements, which created ripples in Islamabad.
President Musharraf held talks with military aides and ordered "high alert" to meet any challenge if India tried to take advantage of the situation. Vajpayee's remarks, which indirectly tried to implicate its peaceful neighbour were taken very seriously by both the government and people of Pakistan. It is in this context that the Pakistan Armed Forces were put on high alert. "The President will chair the military conference to discuss the emerging scenario, as Pakistani leaders are ready to give India a historic lesson if Delhi tries to be oversmart," said a senior official.
It is learnt that a full strategy would be discussed to tackle this new development, as Pakistan has always condemned terrorism and it is currently working with international coalition for its fight against terrorism. "Pakistan is fully prepared and ready to meet any challenge, as the enemy would be taken to task if it dares to pose any threat to security of Pakistan," said the senior official.
The News International, Pakistan
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