The KEY Question No One
Seems To Be Asking...
From Miri Santos

Note - Only a few other people have mentioned this since the video was released. If the tape is genuine, WHO informed bin Laden? -ed
When I heard Bin Laden say, "We found out 5 days before the attack." I immediately wondered how did Bush let this slip by?
I thought the next day's news would be all about it...'found out' from whom???
Do they really want to find out who was the main man behind the attacks? Obviously, no one cares. I havent even heard the question raised by anyone, anywhere.
What a nation of hypocrites. Could people really be that stupid not to raise the question? Am I the only one who still has a brain that works? For me, this is a strange world if everyone is an alien. It's like being in a world full of robots. People are stupid and strange at the same time.

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