Israel Stabs America In Back -
Sells AWACS To Red China

WASHINGTON - William Safire, a New York Times columnist, is not exactly known for his "red-white-and-blue" patriotic Americanism. He is much more notorious for rarely passing up an opportunity to point out that many of the world's "statesmen" are only a phone away when Safire calls.
But his Dec. 23 OpEd column, "Israel's Shame," comes as close to being patriotic as any of his pieces we have seen over the years. Even if he restates in it his self-importance again ("Prime Minister Ehud Barak has been ducking me on this" - see ).
Anyway, what Safire said was hardly extraordinary. It only comes across as such in a dumbed-down America, scared witless of, and robbed blind by, the New World Order's stooges. Only in such states "of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" (Orwell). Only in our (un)free press does it sound like a "big deal" when a "liberal" media columnist calls a spade a spade.
Safire claimed, for example, that it was wrong for Israel to sell its "advanced AWACS battle-management system called the Phalcon" to Red China (for about $250 million, according to a Nov. 11 New York Times story). And that it was shameful for Israel to roll out the red carpet for the "Butcher of Beijing," Li Peng, the man responsible for the Tiananmen Square June 1989 massacre.
Of course, it was wrong. And shameful. Especially considering the more than one hundred billion dollars which the U.S. taxpayers have sent to Israel, a country smaller than the state of New Jersey. The latest U.S. budget, for example, which was approved in November following a lengthy battle between Bill Clinton and Congress, earmarked more than $4 billion for Israel, according to a Nov. 21 Ha'aretz report. Israel will receive $1.92 billion in military aid from us, $1.2 billion for implementing the Wye accord, and $900,000 in civilian aid.
Compare the $1.2 billion payoff Israel is to get "for implementing the Wye accord" with the rewards the Bosnian Serbs, for example, received for implementing the Dayton accord. They got foreign governor-dictators, and free air transportation to United Nations' Tribunal jail at the Hague. The lucky ones, that is; the Serbs who didn't get shot in the back by the NATO "peacekeepers," such as Simo Drljaca (see "International Justice Progresses from Kidnapping to Murder" ).
All told, 26 percent of all U.S. foreign aid will go to Israel, the Ha'aretz reported, the highest amount for any country. Which means that almost 10 percent of the Israeli government revenues comes from the American taxpayers.
But that aspect of Israel's betrayal - biting the hand that feeds it - has somehow escaped Safire's attention. Guess the "liberal" U.S. media can only handle so many of the truth morsels at a time. Nor did the Times columnist wonder why we are still paying all this money to Israel more than 10 years after the Cold War has ended, and Israel's role as our "our" ace against the Soviet influence in the Middle East had ceased.
In short, for Israel to stab us in the back after all that aid it had received from America was indeed a reprehensible act. Unfortunately, its betrayal is only exceeded by what the Clinton and Bush administrations themselves have done in appeasing the Red Chinese (see "Who Lost China?").
Financial issues aside, Safire, to his credit, does not mince words on the Israel's shame. Only he does it for the sake of the Taiwanese and Israeli Jews, not for our sake American taxpayers or soldiers who may suffer the consequences of Israel's AWACS sale to China:
"If the freedom of an island with 22 million souls (Taiwan) is of no concern to Israel, the world will care even less about 6 million Jews getting pushed into the sea. Israeli survival has one dependable guarantor, and the powerful U.S.-Israel alliance is nothing without its moral dimension."
Actually, the "6 million Jews" to which Safire refers above (i.e., an approximation of Israel's population), is an exaggeration. According to the CIA 1999 Factbook, about 80% of Israel's 5.4 million citizens (not "6 million"!) are actually Jewish. And only 21% of the Israeli Jews were born in Israel. But, what's a million here, a million there when someone of Safire's stature is trying to make a point.
Safire was right, however, to argue, echoing the Pentagon's concerns, that Israel's military cooperation with China "flies directly in the face of United States security interests. When China last threatened Taiwan, President Clinton was forced to put two U.S. aircraft carriers into the strait. When that happens again, American forces will be directly threatened by Chinese air, naval and missile forces emboldened by Israel's Phalcon battle management."
Which is why Americans who no longer wish to be the doormats and bankrollers of the criminal, anti-Christian, New World Order should "just say no" to such travesties. And "just say yes" to candidates, such as Pat Buchanan, who want to help us to win our country back. Presidents like that may see to it that ALL war criminals, including the NWO leaders, get free transportation - to our own, not United Nations', jails. And that any American "allies" who act against the U.S. interests are punished, rather than rewarded, for their treachery.
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