Israeli News Reports On The
Fox Series Of Israel Spying On US

According to Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron, some US officials believe that Israel is spying on America and may have even known events pertaining to 9-11 in advance but did not pass them on to US officials.
Cameron reported that among the approximately 60 Israelis detained following the attacks against the Pentagon and World Trade Center were a "handful of active Israeli military." Fox quoted sources that stated they even failed polygraph questions pertaining to alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States. Fox tied about one-half of the sixty suspects to a private communications firm, Amdocs, indicating the firm may too be a cover for covert activities.
Cameron was quick to point out that there are no allegations of alleged Israeli involvement in the attacks, but there is speculation that intelligence information was amassed by Israel ahead of the attacks but not passed to the US government. A highly placed investigator said there are "tie-ins." But when asked for details, he flatly refused to describe them, saying, "evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified."
Fox adds that Israelis spotted in North Carolina are suspected of maintaining a California apartment used to spy on Arab activities in the US as part of Israel,s ongoing war on Arab terrorism. Fox reports having obtained 140 documents that pointed to arrests of Israelis ahead of 9-11 in connection to alleged espionage against the US government. No details were furnished.
According to the unnamed US officials, Israelis presenting themselves as Jerusalem University students "targeted and penetrated" US military bases. US investigators also speak of Israeli kiosk operators selling the popular Puzzle Car and Zoom Copter as a front - explaining they are actually Israeli agents working in the US.
A defense intelligence report said Israel has a voracious appetite for information and said, "The Israelis are motivated by strong survival instincts which dictate every possible facet of their political and economical policies. It aggressively collects military and industrial technology and the US is a high priority target."
Fox quoted a spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Washington who issued a denial saying that any suggestion that Israelis are spying in or on the US is "simply not true."
According to Cameron, the Israeli based Amdocs Ltd. firm handles most records of telephone calls and billing in the US since it has contracts with the 25 largest phone companies across the US. As such, it has a record of most calls made in the US. The FBI has over past years investigated Amdocs on several occasions.
Fox once again quotes reliable unnamed sources that insist in 1999, the super secret national security agency, headquartered in northern Maryland, issued what's called a Top Secret sensitive compartmentalized information report, TS/SCI, warning that records of calls in the United States were getting into foreign hands, in Israel, in particular.
Fox says US officials are now concerned that a state-of-the-art data mining techniques and algorithm system intended to monitor customer credit and to monitor calling patterns and other information may be helpful in phone spying. FBI and CIA officials regarding the ability of Amdocs according to the report have made warnings.
The report stresses repeatedly that US officials are not concerned that Israeli is making wrongful use of the data against the United States, but is very concerned the data could fall into the wrong hands. One such example dealt with a 1997 drug investigation in which it was learned that phone info, similar to the data accumulated by Amdocs, was used to compromise the activities of police, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies.
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