In Addition To Jets, Were SAMs
And AA Also Stood Down On 911?
From Top View
From AC

Thanks for continuing to emphasize the inexplicable FAILURE TO DEFEND.
You know, I keep thinking about other aspects of defense.
We have already considered fighter aircraft intercepts, but I remember, years ago, hiking upon Mt. Tom in central Massachusetts and being surprised and challenged by guards of a Nike (SAM) installation.
Why is it that I don't think that NYC, DC, and Camp David are guarded ONLY by jet aircraft?
So, why was it that the SAMs were not launched (on 911)?
I was stationed outside of DC in the early 1970's. I think that nothing has changed since then. Airplane-to-airplane combat was not required then to take out a rogue aircraft that had hostile intentions in noticed airspace. And I don't think it is required now.
So, who ordered the SAMs to stand down?
Who ordered the ack-ack to stand down?
It is just not the question of unscrambled fighter/intercept aircraft.
Also, I trust that all who watched television on Christmas eve enjoyed CNN's coverage of NORAD's surveillance of St. Nick's flight. It was particularly interesting as Cheyenne Mtn demonstrated how geosynchronous satellites, over the entirety of the US, MONITORED ALL AIRBORNE OBJECTS in real time...and how Cheyenne Mtn operators observed them on crt screens.
As I once said in the matter of Chandra Levy, there are satellite tapes that reveal all that occurred in that matter. So, too, in the matter of Vince Foster. and so, too, in the matter of these commercial airliners that strayed from their flight plans on September 11.
When the course deviations first occurred, NORAD [Cheyenne Mtn and other military monitoring facilities] WATCHED them, NOTED them, and LOGGED them.
That is the way it works. Anyone who works there will tell you that I am not mistaken.
Peace and freedom....
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