Police Find Gun Clip At Home
Of Yigal Amir's Parents
By Barry Chamish

Israeli radio has just broadcast the following item: Police searched the home of Yigal Amir's parents and discovered a gun clip belonging to Avishai Raviv. No further details are available right now. If true, this is the break we've been waiting for; concrete evidence that links the Rabin murder to the Shabak.
I have been over-sending messages to you fine readers, so I'll take a break for a while after this one. Just let me add two corrections: The correct web address for my, shall we say, under-appreciated piece on Project Monarch is And, now give me credit for admitting I'm wrong, I'm swaying to the conclusion that the burning south WTC Tower in the page I recommended is an optical illusion. Opinion is divided, but I'm going to oppose myself and say we are seeing plumes of smoke from the north tower. I'm still stumped by lower picture, which seems to show an explosion several floors below where the plane hit.
Now back to Rabin. As my Israeli readers know, last Friday, our widest circulation paper Yediot Ahronot published a seven page cover story about the Rabin assassination "conspiracy" researchers. Admittedly, much good came out of it, including, most likely, the search of the Amir residence leading to Raviv's gun clip. Under pressure, someone, possibly Raviv himself, tipped off the police. But that was not the intention of Yediot Ahronot. Their goal was to paint the honest investigators as religiously-motivated criminals. And yesterday, this incitement bore the intended fruit when Prof. Arieh Zaritzky's car was vandalized and a threatening message was scrawled on his mailbox.
Last night, members of The Public Committee For The Reinvestigation Of The Rabin Assassination met with attorney Nitzana Darshan Leitner. It was decided that if Yediot does not publish a retraction, they will be hit with a million shekel libel suit. If you objected to the kind of slander which appeared on its pages, their address is
Following is the letter I have insisted be published.
To the editors of Sheva Yamim,
Last week's Yediot Ahronot magazine, Sheva Yamim featured a six page article "exposing" the "blood libel" of those "Dancing On Rabin's blood" and thus guilty of "double murder." These slanders were directed at the distinguished members of the Public Committee For A Reinvestigation Of The Rabin Murder, including professors Arieh Zaritzky and Hillel Weiss, Dr. David Khen, Yaacov Verker CPA, the author Barry Chamish, the conference organizer Arieh Gallin and the committee associate Professor Eliav Shochetman. The real blood libel was against these fine citizens, whose only crime is demanding that the real truth of Rabin's murder be exposed and his real murderers face justice.
After six years of study and investigation, they have concluded that Yigal Amir could not physically have murdered Yitzhak Rabin and they are right. But before so proving, let us look how Sheva Yamim's article was structured.
On the front cover is a statue of Rabin being smashed with hammers by kippa-wearing vandals. Of the committee members, only Hillel Weiss and David Chen wear kippot outside of bet knesset, and Chamish, Verker and Zaritzky are secular Jews. If the message is that religious Jews are single-handedly destroying Rabin's image, it is wrong. If the message is that the committee is destroying Rabin's image by its work, it is doubly wrong. The committee is honoring Rabin's memory by not letting his assassins get away with their crime.
But to prove that the committee is associated in the readers' eyes with the far right, two long paragraphs utilize the activities of Kach and quotes by Nadia Matar and Dr. Uri Milstein. Kach, Dr. Milstein, and Ms. Matar are not members of this committee nor do any investigate the Rabin murder. So what were these irrelevancies doing in the article?
And then there is the picture of Rabin in the Gestapo uniform, again "proving" the Right incited Rabin's murder. Is Sheva Yamim the last publication in Israel not to know that Avishai Raviv, the Shabak officer who handled Yigal Amir, distributed this poster at a rally in Jerusalem a month and a half before Rabin's murder? Perhaps the editors should finally read the sections of the Shamgar Report findings released to the public in November 1999. The full story is in there.
Now the proofs. I have enclosed all the relevant documents. I trust Sheva Yamim has verified their authenticity before publishing this response. The Shamgar Commission of inquiry concluded that Rabin was shot twice in the back, from 20 and 50 cm. range. Let us look at some people who don't agree.
The Israel Police Crime Laboratory concluded that Rabin was shot from point blank, 0 range. Rabin was shot point blank and Yigal Amir never shot point blank. He never even came close. There are numerous witnesses and a film to prove this fact, but more to the point, Shamgar concluded that Rabin was shot from between 20 and 50 cm. and he was not!
Dr. Yehuda Hiss of the Israel Police Pathology Dept. arrived at Ichilov Hospital at 2 AM and conducted an autopsy of Rabin's body. He wrote his pathologist's report and found that there were no breaks in Rabin's spinal column. The Shamgar Commission accepted his report and based many of their conclusions on it.
Unfortunately for Hiss and the coverup, earlier that evening Health Minister Ephraim Sneh and Ichilov Hospital Director, Professor Gabi Barabash, both of whom presumably were in the operating theatre, reported Rabin's wounds on television. Sneh announced that Rabin was "shot three times, in the chest, stomach and spinal column." Barabash reported that Rabin died of "spinal shock," caused by "a severe chest wound which injured the spinal column."
More damning yet is the chief surgeon's report, signed by Dr. Mordechai Gutman. On page 6, a THIRD wound is reported from the upper lobe of the right lung to vertebrae 5-6 in the upper back, which are shattered by the bullet. This wound not only confirms the spinal column injury, it is also a FRONTAL wound. And if there is anything certain in this world, it is that Yigal Amir did not shoot from the front. Nor did he shoot Rabin three times, as both Gutmann and Sneh Report.
So why did Hiss lie about Rabin's back injury and why did Shamgar accept his conclusion? There not only was a spinal injury, Rabin's backbone was shattered according to the Health Minister, director of Ichilov and chief surgeon.
Hiss lied because after the shots, Rabin did not fall. And witnesses saw this fact and said so on television the night of the murder. As one eye-witness, Miri Oren stated, "Rabin wasn't hurt. I saw him walk to the car." And she was right. The film of the event shows Rabin taking about an eight step walk after the shooting. If one's spine is shattered, there are no nerves. One doesn't walk to any car eight steps away. One falls. Too many people saw Rabin walk, so the spinal injury had to go. That is called covering up the truth.
The "assassination" film shows Rabin walking untouched by bullets after Amir shot. What we see are blank bullets. There is no choice. If Amir shot real bullets, Rabin would have fallen and there would have been blood on the ground. But there was not a drop. A real bullet doesn't behave that way. After the first shot, Rabin's bodyguards shouted "Srak, srak" (They're blanks) and the like because they must have been told beforehand that Amir would be shooting blanks.
And he was. Here's how we know for sure.
A half hour after the shooting, two police officers journeyed to Merkhav Yarkon police station. They put Amir's hands on sticky paper and placed the paper under an electron microscope. After someone shoots a real bullet, a cloud of metal particles and gunpowder is thrust out of the barrel and falls on the hands. There are no exceptions. If you shoot a billion times, gunpowder will land on your hands. Officer Arie Moshe tested Amir's hands for metal traces using a process called Feroprint. The head of Israel Police's Traces Laboratory, Inspector Nadav Levine tested Amir's hands for gunpowder. And what do you know, there are no metal traces or gunpowder on Amir's hands...A COMPLETE IMPOSSIBILITY IF HE SHOT REAL BULLETS.
There is not an honest court on earth which would convict Amir of shooting Rabin. He couldn't have. He shot blanks and this is proven beyond any shadow of doubt.
We have concluded that Rubin is the most likely assassin of Rabin. This is not the time to present all the evidence. We know how Rabin was shot and where. But let us give a tiny example of who Yoram Rubin is. As far as the country is concerned, he is the brave bodyguard who risked his life to save Rabin. He testified at the Shamgar Commission and at Yigal Amir's trial that a bullet entered his elbow and exited his shoulder.
However, according to Rubin's clinical report, his "wound" was treated with iodine. No bullet entered his body and committee member Dr. David Chen has Rubin's day by day medical reports to prove this fact beyond any doubt. Rubin lied about his wound and much, much more.
There isn't the space to document the whole story of Rabin's murder. A thousand other facts are contained in my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin or can be seen at my lectures.
Yitzhak Rabin was not murdered by Yigal Amir. It is a physical impossibility that he did so. Our committee is not dancing on Rabin's grave; we are honoring his blessed memory by forcing our nation to bring his assassins to a court of law. Finally.

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