Chamish - Peres Protecting
Takes A Turn For The Weird
By Barry Chamish

Since the very public accusations of two weeks ago, published in Yediot Ahronot, that Shimon Peres organized the Rabin assassination and that Rabin's bodyguard Yoram Rubin did the shooting, a very determined campaign has taken place to neutralize the charges. I documented this campaign in my previous posting called Protecting Peres.
Just three days since that posting, the campaign has turned desperate and downright bizarre. Look at the article published in Maariv yesterday (Jan. 5, 2002).
Headline: According To A Book Published By The Cabinet Minister Eli Yishai's Brother In Law: Amir Is Not The Murderer
"In a book published by Shas Party Chairman Eli Yishai's brother, Yigal Amir is portrayed as a patsy. In the book, The Whole Truth, written by Rabbi Yosef Shashua, a seance is recalled with the late prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, during which he identifies his Shabak bodyguard Yoram Rubin as his murderer. The book was exposed during last night's Channel Two Program, Tonight With Gabi Gazit.
"Rabbi Shashua, who is married to Shas Chairman and Interior Minister Eli Yishai's sister, receives a monthly government stipend of 3000 shekels. The book's forward was written by Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who notes: ' In the name of providing our people with strength in their hearts, Rabbi Shashua's book, The Whole Truth proves that we are far from being told the truth and are being led astray from the holy Torah.'
"In one chapter of the book, a seance with Rabin is conducted at the request of David Ben Gurion's daughter Geula Ben Eliezer, who received messages from Ben Gurion's spirit to conduct it. In the seance Ben Gurion says, 'I prepared Rabin to be a victim...I warned him about the conniver (Peres)...There's no Oslo...Rubin murdered Rabin.
"Then Rabin asked the assembled to read his book (Pincas Sherut) Service Record, because Shimon Peres betrayed him and was a partner in his murder. During the seance Rabin said, 'Rubin shot the bodyguard who shouted, 'They're blanks.' He's part of the bigger conspiracy. Yigal Amir was a victim."
"Shas spokesman Yitzhak Sudri explained that, "The Minister is not responsible for the activities of his family.'"
Now what's going on here? The seance was conducted five years ago and the book has been out for almost half that time. Why is this news now?
Here's how it worked out that way. On Saturday Night, Channel Two broadcast promos for the Gazit show promising a seance that would expose Rabin's bodyguard Yoram Rubin. Israel's leading parapsychologist Hanan Avraham was scheduled to conduct the seance but he was cancelled at the last moment. Instead, Gazit just talked about the Shashua book.
Instant scandal. The next day the radio talk shows were abuzz with callers reacting to the show. One caller on Radio Two summed up the overall attitude: "The book's author is an idiot and if Peres doesn't sue him, he's a bigger idiot." Then came Maariv's report with the screaming headline that Amir isn't the murderer.
I reported this seance in 1997, and I was the only one to so bother. I add, I caught living heck from a lot of readers who thought I was cheapening my both-feet-on-the-ground research by reporting nonsense. I replied that I felt there was a legitimate sociological angle to the event. Here's what I reported:
"I was faxed this confirmation from the magazine Tzahov, popular in the New Age crowd. Now admittedly, their research is hardly conclusive but Tsahov reports that Rabin was killed by his bodyguard Yoram Rubin. How did they reach this left wing extremist conclusion? In typical New Age fashion; their reporters attended a seance conducted by the country's leading parapsychologist, Hanan Avraham, in which Rabin was called back from the land of the dead to attend. Tzahov's editor Shimon Ashor admits that he was one of those who 'threw away his kippa after the murder believing that the stupidity and racism of the religious caused Rabin's death.' Thus he was 'flabbergasted' by Rabin's comments from the world beyond. Hanan Avraham's method is to place a cup in the middle of a board surrounded by Hebrew letters. When Rabin answered, the cup moved from letter to letter. The reporters saw no physical means for moving the cup and Ashor admits that 'most thought the cup was moved by the spiritual power of Hanan Avraham.' Now that the validity of the method was established in New Age terms, the seance was recorded:
Rabin: Yitzhak here.
Hanan: Excuse us, we are all very excited to hear from you. Are you the departed Prime Minister?
Rabin: No need to apologise. Yes, I am.
Hanan: Do you have a message for the people?
Rabin: I tried my best to slow things down and was made to pay for it. My service was terminated. Remember what I said at Givat Hatakhmoshet in '94? There is no abandoning Jerusalem.
Hanan: What do you mean by 'my service was terminated?'
Rabin: Peres.
Hanan: What about him?
Rabin: He betrayed me... (Hanan tries to get Rabin to elaborate but his message is confused. So he tries a new conversation opener.
Hanan: Does your friend Ben Gurion have a message for us?
Rabin: Yes.
Hanan: Did you give the warning at Givat Hatakhmoshet that it is forbidden to abandon Jerusalem?
Rabin: Yes.
Hanan: Is Ben Gurion beside you?
Rabin: Yes.
Hanan: Please, our intentions are good.
Ben Gurion: I prepared Yitzhak for sacrifice. I warned him about intrigue. There is no Oslo. Rubin shot Yitzhak.
Rabin: Dado (the scapegoat for the Yom Kippur War who died most suspiciously) warned me and so did Skolnik. Both were betrayed also. I miss my grandson Michael.
Hanan: How did you prepare Yitzhak?
Ben Gurion: We knew about the conspiracy. We tried to warn him to prevent a crisis. There is no Oslo. It is a mistaken Holocaust process.
Rabin: Leah is suffering. She cries for shelter. She too is in a trap from the highest echelons of the Shabak.
Hanan: Who is Skolnick?
Skolnick: I am Skolnick. I am Levi Eshkol (former Prime Minister). I tried to warn him about the shigitz (Yiddish for cabinet minister).
Hanan: Mr. Rabin, do you have a message for your granddaughter Noa?
Rabin: Yes. She is frightened and confused. Rubin shot the bodyguard who shouted, 'They're blanks, (Yoav Kuriel perhaps). Persky (Peres's original name) conspires with Satan. He'll do anything to be prime minister."
Hanan: What is your opinion of Yigal Amir (his alleged murderer)?
Rabin: A victim.
Hanan: Of whom?
Rabin: Of the Shabak and Avishai. (Avishai Raviv, the Shabak agent provocateur).
Hanan: Your friend Ben Gurion said to stop the peace process. What is the alternative?
Rabin: The peace process is a delusion, the Old Man (Ben Gurion) reckons.
Hanan: Was Yigal Amir the one who shot you?
Rabin: No.
Hanan: Does Amir know?
Rabin: Yes.
Hanan: Who shot you, then?
Rabin: The bodyguard.
Hanan: Who gave him the order?
Rabin: D.
Hanan: Who told you?
Rabin: Dado.
Hanan: Did you know the scenario ahead of time?
Rabin. Yes.
Hanan: So why didn't you prevent it?
Rabin: Because if I did there would be two choices: military trials and suicides or a dictatorship followed by a civil war over peace. Tell everyone. Goodbye."
At this point the stunned gathering breaks into tears, all their illusions shattered. Allow me to say that I am not an advocate of this kind of research. However, tens of thousands of Israeli New Agers are and the minutes of this seance are very real to them. They are also citizens of Israel who now believe that Rabin was murdered in much the same terms that my worldly research suggests, if not proves. The authenticity of this feeling is confirmed by Ashor who writes that despite the charges levelled by Rabin from the other side, 'I am in favour of Peres continuing the peace process.'"
This seance was conducted in 1996, barely a year after the assassination. So here is what spooks me. The details are right. It took me four years to discover that Rabin was murdered after he told his foreign bosses that he wouldn't carry on with 'peace' process as it was being conducted. It took me five years to get the goods on Rubin and Peres. This seance beat us all to the truth by at least three years.
Nonetheless, I decided to never, ever, ever discuss the seance ever, ever, ever again. And that meant sloughing hundreds of inquiries about it at lectures and over the computer. That's just what I need, to be associated with ouija boards and the occult, a surefire recipe for destroying the credibility of my research.
And that's why this story is now going public. Peres' protectors have found a formula for diminishing the credibility of the Rabin researchers, and members of The Public Committee For The Reinvestigation Of The Rabin Assassination who have been most publicly implicating Peres and Rubin in Rabin's murder.
Committee chairman Yaacov Verker was overjoyed by the Gazit show and the Maariv article.
"Look at the crazy twists the story is taking now. They think they are squelching the talk about Peres and Rubin but they're actually spreading it."
"No," I answered, "They're ridiculing it."
"Then why was Hanan Avraham pulled off the Gazit show? Someone was worried about what he'd say about Rabin. I know Hanan, he's very serious. I'm going to follow this up."
"Don't do it. You're falling into the trap."
Needless to say, the determined Yaacov immediately had a long conversation with Hanan Avraham. Here's what he was going to explain on the Gazit show:
"Two days before the Rabin assassination, Geula Ben Eliezer contacted me. Her father, David Ben Gurion had spoken to her in dreams for the past few nights. He wanted an urgent meeting. I complied and Ben Gurion warned her that Peres was plotting against Rabin and his life was in danger. After the session, she quickly called Rabin and told him what her father said. He shrugged her off and answered, 'So, I'll be the victim.'"
And that was just the prologue before he was to speak about the post-assassination session.
Now you see why I want nothing to do with this latest twist in the protection of Peres? This is a highly sophisticated psychological operation to get Peres off the hook. Who is going to believe any of this?
Peres is desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures. Not only is Peres under attack from the Committee's campaign but at least two of the actors in the Rabin murder drama are close to spilling the beans. The doctor who forged Rabin's autopsy report, Yehuda Hiss is about to be prosecuted for stealing body parts during his autopsies and he needs to buy safety, and Rabin's last driver, Menachem Danmti is going stark raving mad.
I certainly believe the seances took place. Early Labor Zionist leaders were involved in all kinds of cultic adventures. Rabin was a 32nd degree Mason and Ben Gurion delved deeply into Buddhism. That Ben Gurion's daughter communicated to him through dubious spiritual exercises is no real surprise.
But I'm staying away from the ambush and sticking to this worldly evidence. ___
* The power of modern communications! The little addendum to my last sendout, about the American government persuading the wife of a Flight 93 victim to go public with a false heroics story got, I think, more attention than the main article about protecting Peres from prosecution. The facts sent reveal how the plot most likely took place. The pregnant wife didn't get the cellphone call from her husband; she was merely told what he said. The husband, so the tall tale went, called 911 from the plane and passed the last message to his wife via a 30ish black female operator. Unfortunately, she didn't record the call, and so had to tell the wife what she recalled. No, the operator had never heard the husband's voice before, so couldn't be positive it was him. The wife fell for the plot and agreed to spread the tale of gallantry on Flight 93, not knowing that she was covering up the fact that the plane didn't crash land in Pennsylvania; it was shot down.
* For those who asked what Bush promised the Pakistani government in exchange for using their country as a staging ground for attacking Afghanistan: the answer is Kashmir.
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