CIA's Funniest Home Video?
From Brasscheck

If you have RealAudio, you can listen to some analyses of the preposterous Osama bin Laden "confession" video.
You might detect desperation in the voices of the BBC interviewers as they seek to dispel doubt about the video's authenticity. I did.
The video itself is here:
Problems with the tape:
- Its poor audio quality (so poor many native Arabic speakers claim not to be able to make it out) - The English language subtitles the US government insisted putting on it before releasing it
Then there are some other practical concerns:
- Why would someone who has managed to so skillfully elude the US for years and years suddenly become so sloppy about his security to the point that he would permit a video of a confession to serious crime be made and then duplicated?
(It's especially strange since the only time bin Laden has been credibly quoted on the subject of 9-11, he categorically denied involvement in it.)
- The conversation is strangely stilted. It's almost as if it were conducted with the purpose in mind of checking off a check list of topics that support various cover stories that have been floated to explain the unexplainable. "Hijackers in the dark as to their real mission" - check, "Jet fuel expected to burn hot and cause structural damage" - check. (Too bad Osama didn't explain how he managed to get the US air defense to stand down that day. Now THAT would have been interesting.)
- When would bin Laden and his buddies have had the time or peace of mind to loll about at a relaxed dinner party between September 11 and now? (When do they say this thing was shot anyway?)
- The appearance of this video in an abandoned house just as the war appears to the in the mop up stage is hugely convenient and therefore suspicious on the face of it
- Why can't bin Laden's personal videographer afford a better video camera? There's no reason for the quality of the audio to be so unclear. There's no interfering noise and the distance between the cameraman and the speakers does not appear to be large. If the point was to capture the statement of responsibility in order to rally the troops with a mass duplicated video why not shoot it properly? Surely bin Laden has the money for a proper camcorder and thanks to a special CIA media project from the 1980s, there are plenty of old Mujahedin around who know the ins and outs of shooting battlefield video.
The BBC article: "Arabs split on Bin Laden tape" if read with any degree of care will reveal that the only evidence that the tape and its translation are authentic is the assurance of unnamed US government sources. Otherwise, every aspect of this production is open for study.
Is it me or are these guys just getting more and more preposterous in their attempts to justify themselves? They don't even seem to be trying to make up good lies any more.

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