Believing You're Young
Can Make It True

Deepak Chopra

New Delhi (IANS) - The first sign of a grey strand, or pain in the joints or a bold wrinkle on the forehead is enough for all hell to break lose in today's world, a kingdom of the young.
But Deepak Chopra, the renowned new age prophet of holistic healing, has taken his mind-body medicine a step further and come out with the key to everlasting youth.
"Most people think ageing is a very painful process, but all it takes to stay young is the will to do so. If perception about age is changed you can be young for a lifetime," said Chopra, who was declared one of the top 100 icons of the century by Time magazine.
Chopra, author of "Grow Younger Live Longer," is in the Indian capital to receive the first K.L. Chopra Body Mind Institute Distinguished Lecture Award instituted by the Heart Care Foundation of India.
Intentions, says Chopra, are the triggers for transformation of the body. "Most people don't realize the power over their own body. If they do they can look forward to another 100 years."
"Changing perceptions can literally create a new physical body," said Chopra.
Biological markers of ageing, he explained are body temperature regulation, fat content, sugar metabolism, muscle loss, cholesterol, immune function, sex hormone levels and vision.
"Recent research has shown that these biological markers of aging can be reversed through various steps," said Chopra.
To improve the quality of life and stay young, Chopra recommends deep rest through restful sleep and meditation, nutritional supplements, mind body coordination through yoga and exercise.
The body, he says, should rid itself of all emotional toxicity. The power of love cannot be underestimated, he adds.
All people do not age at the same time, pointed out Chopra. There are three different ways to characterize a person's age according to him. The first is chronological age that cannot be altered through the mind-body approach.
The second is the biological age that is a measurement of how well the physiological systems are functioning. The third is the psychological age. It is the subjective experience of how old the person is.
"The biological age is the key component of the aging process, it is specific and measurable and more importantly reversible," says Chopra.
"Most of this information we already have but we still have not been able to use it. We have the knowledge but we don't seem to have the wisdom to use it," said Chopra, who has successfully packaged and sold holistic healing to the West.
"We have very good technology to achieve good health but most of the world is in ill health. We have the economic resources for our well-being but half the globe is in poverty. We know of non-violent ways to resolve conflicts but we still see war, racism, sexism and destruction. As a society we need to make use of what we know to live well," he said.
Asked whether reversal of age did not mean going against nature, Chopra replied, "Then we might as well die at 25 like in the old days."
"To improve our life span is part of our evolution and to improve the quality of life is a matter of choice," he said.
Chopra pointed out that the demographic constitution of the world was changing and in parts of the developed world people were living to the age of 90. However, concerns about aging, he agreed, were more an issue with the affluent West.
Chopra will deliver a lecture on 10 ways of reversal of aging at the capital's Siri Fort auditorium on Thursday.
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