Beijing Continues Its
Preparations For War
By Col. Stanislav Lunev

While the U.S. is winning the war against international terrorism, some of our so-called partners in the anti-terrorist coalition continue their military buildups, which are actually directed against America and our real friends and allies.
These countries also continue to cooperate with rogue nations officially recognized as sponsoring international terrorism and, in some cases, directly supplying arms to terrorists.
According to press reports, Red China continued to supply arms and ammunition to the Al-Qaeda organization even after that terrorist organization conducted the 9/11 attack on America.
A week after the attack, the then-ruling Taliban troops, and the Al-Qaeda terrorists embedded among them, received a shipment of Chinese-made SA-7 missiles, similar to the U.S. shoulder-fired anti-aircraft weapons Stingers, along with ammunition, etc.
Also, countries such as Red China criticize the U.S. decisions for providing security for Americans as well as for the civilized world, while trying to accuse the U.S. of starting a new arms race.
In that connection, Sha Zukang, director of arms control and disarmament in China's Foreign Ministry, recently said that the U.S. "search of national missile defense will tip the global balance, trigger a new arms race and jeopardize world and regional stability."
However, Chinese warnings about a potential arms race were followed by nothing less than Beijing's own rapid modernization of its nuclear forces and delivery systems.
According to intelligence reports, China's military is currently improving the accuracy of its newest short-range ballistic missile, the CSS-7, whose test flight was detected by U.S. intelligence last week at Shuang Chengzi missile center in Gansu province.
China has deployed about 350 short-range missiles opposite Taiwan and is building up to a force of about 600 missiles over the next several years. These missiles are a mix of both CSS-6 and CSS-7 missiles, which also are known as the M-11 and are more lethal in targeting Taiwan.
In the last two years Russia sold China nearly $2 billion worth of arms per annum, including new jets, submarines, anti-aircraft missiles, destroyers armed with weapons especially designed to kill U.S. aircraft carriers, etc. But in its preparations for war, the Chinese military needs more and more up-to-date weapons and is trying to buy them wherever it can obtain them.
According to the Israeli press, Red China is currently demanding $2 billion in compensation for Israel's cancellation last year of an agreement to sell Beijing its Falcon airborne early-warning system. The deal was canceled after the U.S. placed intense pressure on Israel, after Beijing had already paid for the first Falcon.
Israel was supposed to sell China four Falcons in a deal totaling $1 billion. China claims that it expended large amounts in preparing its military infrastructure for the Falcon system.
Israeli military officials said they had expected China to demand $500 million in compensation, twice the cost of the first plane, and were astonished when the figure was four times as great. The sum China is now demanding reflects Beijing's anger.
The U.S. had argued that the Falcon, which can monitor and direct air activity over great distance, could theoretically be used against American troops and aircraft in the event of a conflict involving a Chinese attack against Taiwan.
However, it is unknown to the general public that the Falcon project was originated in Russia, which continues to provide up-to-date arms to its military ally, Red China.
According to the Moscow press, in 1997 Russian businessmen and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu launched a project to begin joint production of new armaments combining Israeli electronics and powerful Russian platforms to make weapons that could compete in the world markets.
The same year, Israel and Russia signed their first major arms deal to jointly produce a $200 million early-warning A-50 "Falcon" plane for China. Beijing prepaid the full cost of the first plane, which was built in Russia and equipped in Israel, and opted to buy up to five more.
This deal is now broken, but the Chinese communists are still looking around for new partners whose technologies could be useful in the modernization of its military machine.
There is no doubt that as long as Washington continues to ignore these dangerous trends in Chinese policy, Beijing will continue to develop its war preparations, which in the near future could undermine the strategic situation in the Western Pacific.
While winning the war against international terrorism, we need to keep our eyes open for other hostile developments that could endanger the major strategic interests of the U.S. and those of our real friends and allies.
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