911 - Letting It Happen
By Brasscheck

A lot of people have trouble believing that there is a possibility that 9-11 was *allowed* to happen. That's understandable given the enormity and savagery of the crime.
However, be that as it may, that there are a great many things that remain unexplained about that day and a great deal of what has been offered by way of explanation is total and utter crap.
The problem is that cutting through the garbage that is the "news" is a more than full time job and not likely to be undertaken by the news media - or by Time's Man of the Year, Rudolph Giuliani, a former prosecutor and supposed lover and leader of New York who has shown no curiosity whatsoever about toxic substances still present downtown, the total structural failure of his city's tallest buildings, and the details of how thousands of people came to be killed in his city.
Anyway, all is not lost. Someone is watching and sorting out the fact from fiction. The most detailed report on holes in the "we were caught off guard" story:
In a most recent development, it now appears the "flight school" which reportedly trained some of the 911 terror pilots was backed by the same man who owns the only charter Lear service in Southwest Florida. This makes the still unexplained post 9-11 private Lear jet flight from Tampa - when all other private planes in the US were grounded (even Warren Buffet's) - all the stranger.
And that's not the only Tampa area link to "America's next war" See: "Spooks and Saudis in Florida" at
Anyway, here's my response to a thoughtful writer whose main argument against deliberate malfeasance on the part of the military is that the military, like his wife who heard the news while traveling in a cab, took a long time to realize that the second hit on the WTC was an act of aggression... and therefore it is reasonable that the US military would have been similarly confused and unprepared.
Here's what I had to say about that:
CNN may not have known that Middle Eastern terrorists have been training for this exact kind of mission since the 1980s, but many people did. Yoseff Bodanksy, who is not exactly a fringe figure, wrote about airport training camps dedicated to hijacking and suicide air bombings in detail in a book published in 1993 called "Target America"
If reading "old" books is too much work, how about this refresher course: Bush, on his trip to Italy just weeks before 9-11, was aware that there was a threat on his life from precisely such an attack when he was in Genoa. The pictures of the surface-to-air batteries set up to defend Genoa were all over the news media at the time:
Also, the WTC was well known to be a constant, high profile terrorist target by every NY law enforcement organization and intelligence agency in the country and that I got directly from the former head of intelligence from the Port Authority who communicated and shared files with the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, State Department and Naval Intelligence.
It's one thing for your wife to be confused about what was happening that day, but it's preposterous to accept that the people in charge of the nation's defense had any confusion about what was going on when the *second* plane hit.
In news reports, the significance of the second hit was supposedly relayed to the Pentagon from the street by a NYPD cop via his cell phone. A cop may have been one of many who made a call, but it leaves the false impression that the military needed to be advised by someone one in the city to know what was going on.
In fact, The whole thing was reported live, blow by blow on Coast Guard radio which, the last time I checked, is part of the US military. There was no time delay between the second hit and the realization that the city was under attack by suicide jet airliners. In fact, the Coast Guard radio operator who had a clear view of the second plane's approach *long before it hit,* was reporting on the open air waves to everyone with a ship's radio in NY harbor of the danger that *second* plane posed.
Finally, planes have gone stray before and responded to with no procedural glitches or unexplainable delays such as we saw on 9-11. Here we have the case of multiple planes being off course for long periods of time and yet not responded to, even after one slammed into a building and a second behaved in an obviously menacing manner.
I don't claim to know what exactly what went on that day, but the story as presented is full of deliberate misrepresentations of the facts and in my experience when people go through such lengths to offer misleading information, they have something to hide.
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