Eyewitnesss Say 'US Military
Helicopter' Seen Circling
WTC On 911
From Christopher Da

From Ed 11-26-1
Dear Christopher and Jeff,
I noted with interest your report of witnesses seeing 'Military Helicopters' at the WTC because I knew that a very good friend of mine "Steve," was a first responder to the scene in an NYPD Harbor and Aviation Helicopter.
My friend has told me the story of that days events many times. But I just phoned him to double check.
They initially responded to the report of a plane hitting the first tower, they had hoped they could rescue survivors from the roof as they had previously done in the first attack in the early 90s but unfortunately the roof was engulfed in flames. It was at that time as they hovered around the buildings that the second plane hit. They then temporarily retreated to the pad at Liberty Island.
I am told from police officers that I have known for over 25 years that there were NO Military Helicopters at the scene until that evening. The blue and white Harbor and Aviation helicopters can be mistaken for military helicopters at certain angles depending on lighting conditions. The only helicopters in the airspace around the towers that day were NYPD.
Hope that clears things up a bit.
Dear Jeff,
MELBOURNE. Around 11 pm (Australian EST) on 9-11, BBC international radio newsflashed the first WTC hit around the world. I immediately turned on the TV and switched between the various network live feeds out of New York - CNN, NBC, ABC.
At one point in the surreal coverage (and I'm not sure on which channel), the scripted talking head cut to two eyewitnesses being interviewed, with a tower burning in the distant background (hit #1). A feisty middle-aged couple took turns to tell the camera that shortly after 9 am, they watched a "US military helicopter" circle the WTC about half-way up and disappear behind the towers. The man suggested that the strange helicopter may have landed on the WTC heliport.
I am curious as to why I have not seen any mention of this incident in any of the post-attack analysis. Am I the ONLY viewer who saw this piece? Someone must have it on tape. Does anyone have any data on it? If it was a "US military helicopter", what was it doing there? The timing of its appearance is disconcerting to say the least?
If there is no correlating evidence, then my logical outcomes include:
(a) It did not happen. The couple were lying. "Some folks will say anything to get on TV." (b) It did happen. The couple witnessed a pre-attack BlackOps exercise but the public are NOT to know. "It just didn't happen." (c) It did happen, but in the unlikely event that only the couple saw it, the incident is not deemed "news" as we understand it. "Me and Tammie done seen a real spaceship." (d) I live in a parallel universe, a Draco-induced dimensional timeline in which certain peculiar stuff only happens to me. (e) I need clinical help.
By the way, I'm sure a lot of us owe our (in?)sanity to your site as we grapple with the ontological shifting sands of Big Brother's diabolical psyops, that ubiquitous state of denial that some call 'consensus reality'. So, to help me deal with the "I'm not going mad, I did see it... didn't I?" syndrome, may I ask someone sitting in front of the screen for a very brief reply. URL's maybe?
Thanks guys. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Great site!
Christopher Day


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