Who Is Osama's Owner?
By Dmitry Litvinovich

Osama bin Laden is only an instrument in arms of Al-Quedaís real leaders, whose names are unknown, internal minister of Saudi Arabia, prince Nayef said in his interview to New York Times.
According to him, arrest or murder of the Saudi terrorist will not seriously damage this organization. "Osama bin Laden is at the top of the pyramid only from mass mediaís view, so his arrest would not have prevented the September terrorist acts in the US," --- the prince said. Prince Nayef, brother of king Fahd and Crown prince Abdullah, is supposed to be one of the most influential politicians in Saudi Arabia.
Meanwhile, vice-president Dick Chainy confirmed the video records really existed of which bin Laden saying about the 11 September terrorist acts. According to Chainy, these records were found in Jelalabad. After watching them, a conclusion could be made that bin Laden knew much about the 11 September events.
Other US officials, who anonymously talked to journalists, reported a bin Ladenís narration was recorded about his impressions of that September daysí news programmes. After the first plane run into WTC building, bin Laden, according to the US politicians, said to his supporters that was not the terrorist actionís end.
The cassette was found in bin Ladenís personal apartment in Jelalabad. US authorities hope that if this record is published, this could dissuade the Muslim world from the terroristís innocence.
While agreeing with the princeís position, that bin Laden is only an instrument in someoneís arms, one could conclude his real owner is Satan himself.
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