Verbatim Translation Of 'El
Heraldo de Mexico' News Story
From Mario Andrade

The following is a word-for-word translation of the article on "El Heraldo".
It's as direct and as accurate as I could get it. It's as close to the one
in Spanish as it will get. If you see any words that don't seem to really
belong there, it's preciselly because of that reason.
Best wishes,
Two Jews Arrested With Weapons And Grenades In San Lazaro
(Direct translation)
El Heraldo de Mexico
Maria de la Rosa Manuela Aguilar, communications director of the PGR, informed that there will be a hearing today (10/11/01) regarding the case of the apprehended suspects that were armed and allegedly carrying explosives.
The Ministerio Publico (District Attorney) authorized the transfer of the suspects arrested in the House of Representatives to installations of the Judicial Federal Police in a heavily guarded and bulletproof truck. The transfer took place on schedule and without hesitation; therefore, the two individuals were able to present their declaration to the authorities last night.
To that regard, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, president of the Joint Congressional Political Assembly in the House of Representatives admitted that there,s a vulnerability and a lack of security in the facility. He announced that security measures would be increased in San Lazaro starting today.
He stated that he personally witnessed the arrest and saw the weapons; however, he refused to provide any additional details until he presents his testimony to the authorities.
The suspects were found by ex-sugarcane workers waiting for a congressional hearing in the legislative palace, whom Gersson Smike photographed numerous times until the protesting unionists noticed that he was armed with a sophisticated Glock 9 mm pistol, made with plastic material and very easy to smuggle.
The unionists apprehended the suspects and later turned them in to the security staff in the House of Representatives. They were later transferred to the basement of the building where they waited for the "Ministerio Publico Federal (Federal Attorney General) to assume jurisdiction of the case.
Juan Ignacio Cabrera, communications director, and Luis Alarcon, head of security of the congress, confirmed the apprehension of Gersson Smike and Ben Zui. Additionally, they provided the details regarding the handgun and the artifact that were carrying when the arrest took place.
On the other hand, Gersson Smike claimed to be a Mexican national; however, he admitted to be a former member of the Israeli military. A representative from a security company by the name of "Desarrollo de Sistemas de Seguridad Privada (Private Security Systems Development) stated that he was one of his employees. He also stated that his visit to San Lazaro was business related and to offer the company,s services.
However, according to the official reports of security personnel, both suspects were seen inside the legislative facility on Tuesday (THE DAY BEFORE THE ARREST), when then, they claimed to be photographers. ___
NOTE: One crucial difference between the previous articles and the one by the newspaper "El Heraldo de Mexico" (which happens to be Mexico's leading newspaper) is that it mentions that suspects were seen by congress security personnel the day before they were arrested with the alleged explosives.
When the suspects first went to the congress (on Tuesday the 9th), they claimed to be photographers. The following day (Wednesday the 10th), when they were arrested, one of them claimed to be a security guard and the other suspect turned out to be in the country illegally. Why did Gersson lie to security personnel (the day before) when he claimed to be a photographer?
This article can be found (in Spanish) by accessing the following link. It,s on page 3 of 7 (middle of the page). The headline title is "En San Lazaro, detienen a dos judios con armas y granadas". The PDF file is about 2.3 MB and the server might be a little slow (it takes about a minute to download with fast connections).
October 09, 2001
The two suspects took pictures inside the congress. They told security
guards they were
October 10, 2001
The two suspects were caught inside the Congress with the briefcase
containing the
alleged bomb making material.
October 11, 2001
Mexico's newspapers, radio and television report the story.
October 12, 2001
If the bombing was going to go forward, it probably would have been
carried out on COLUMBUS DAY, October 12. Mexico celebrates Columbus Day no matte what day of the week it might fall on. A bombing would have been very symbolic ... a blow against Western civilization.


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