vCJD Treatment Attempt
Fails On UK Woman
From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Quinacrine Treatment Of vCJD Patient Unsuccessful
A British woman who became the first human guinea pig in trials to find a cure for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease [abbreviated as vCJD or CJD (new var.) in ProMED-mail] has died. The patient's condition improved dramatically after she received a course of drugs from the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who discovered the cause of the human form of mad cow disease. It is thought that the 21-year old woman was taken off the drug, Quinacrine, after complications set in and affected her liver.
The former Royal Signals soldier was diagnosed as suffering vCJD 6 months after she began showing signs of depression last Christmas. She quickly deteriorated from a happy, active young woman, to a bed-ridden invalid requiring constant care, who was unable to recognise members of her family, stand noise or sunlight, or feed and dress herself. Her father had contacted Professor Stanley Prusiner, who invited her to his San Francisco clinic to become the first human to try Quinacrine.
From ProMED mail

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