China Is One With Arafat
By Andrei Krushinski in Beijing

"For many years, Arafat, as person possessing great authority not only in Palestine, but also in the whole world community, has been making an important contribution in restoring lawful national rights of Palestinians and playing a great role in furthering peaceful process in the Middle East," - Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ziang Ziue said at a regular briefing.
"The anti-terrorist world war" caused such conditions in the world, when politicians being afraid of provoking US wrath cannot decide to calling a spade a spade. New York Times noticed to the point: China concerned with violence escalation in the Middle East criticizes two sides - both the weaker and the stronger (Palestine and Israel), while avoiding use of the word 'terror.'
That is how Chinese foreign minister Tan Ziasuan was speaking on December 4, while accusing in the conversation with Canadian diplomats both the explosions in Jerusalem and Haifa, and Israel's bombing Gaza Strip, in particular Yassir Arafat's residence.
Though this forcedly careful position of China caused a big irritation in Tel Aviv, which accused China of 'double standard position.' Israeli politicians should be prepared for some more unpleasant surprises.
While analyzing the above-mentioned statements of December 4 and 6, it is evident the Chinese position is becoming more accurate. In the 4 December statement of Zian Ziue, there are such words: "The Chinese government supports Yassir Arafat and Palestinian national administration headed by him."
It will probably be necessary to use the word 'terrorism' finally while commenting predatory actions of the stronger side towards the weaker one (Israel toward Palestine).


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