Seattle Paper First To Note
Connection Of Oil And Bush's War
War And Oil: Is There A Connection?

A major media outlet has editorially linked the war and oil calling for a new energy policy. Sunday's Seattle Post Intelligencer (PI or PU, depending on your point of view is one of the first to treat a conection that keeps many a conspiracy theorist up at night. Here is an excerpt:
"There is a direct, inescapable connection between our war on terrorism and our nation's dependence on the internal combustion engine.
"If the United States did not need oil, it's a safe bet we would not be so heavily, and dangerously, engaged in the Middle East. Yet the U.S. Congress seems at great pains to ignore that costly connection.
"If ever there were a moment to connect the dots and lay the foundation for a rational long-term energy policy that lessens our dependence on oil, it is now, when bombs are falling in Afghanistan and Americans are bracing for the arrival of body bags from a foreign killing field.
"But a timid Congress once again is backing away from this challenge. It has abandoned its effort to enact a promised broad new energy policy this session. That is a dangerous dereliction of duty." ___
On the same subject:
Wanted: An Al-Chomsky Network
You want some substance, something to chew on? Then, check out "9/ll",the new Open Media book of interviews with the still relevant, always challenging and often criticized Noam Chomsky. Maya Jaggi in a Guardian profile last Maysaid "Chomsky ranks with Marx, Shakpespeare and the Bible as one of the ten most quoted sources in the Humanities."
I am not sure how many readers of the Koran know his work. What is remarkable is that this 125 page collection published by Seven Stories Press, my one time publisher, has arranged for simultaneous publication in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan. Wow! And why do so many flock to his work? They are seeking out truths deeper than journalism, context, history and background missing in most media. And thanks Seven Stories for rereading my book to pluck out the word "Dissects" as the best description of Noam C's method for searching for the root causes of the catastrophe of September 11.
Chomsky does not rationalize or throw conspiracy theories around about those events aither, and instead brands them an atrocity. The book is worth reading for another way of looking at issues that rarely creep into or crawl below the news. It will give you something to think about and argue with. What's need is more Chomsky, not less. How about an Al Chomsky network


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