Musharraf Threatens To Teach
India 'A Lesson' If It Invades Pak

ISLAMABAD (PNS) - President General Pervez Musharraf said Monday that Pakistan will teach India "a lesson" in case of any offensive."They should not remain in any doubt. They can't take offensive. If they do, we will teach them a lesson", he said during an interview with PTV.
Musharraf maintained that Indian held Kashmir was focal to improvement of relations between the two countries. "We have other issues also and I am ready for dialogue on all of them. The bottom-line is what is the solution", he said.
Asked if Pakistan was under any threat due to the imposition of the Northern Alliance government in Afghanistan, he said, "we want a multi ethnic, broad based government in Afghanistan. Northern Alliance should also have a share. We have nothing against them", he said.
"This is a wrong perception that Northern Alliance is anti-Pakistan. Whichever government takes over in Afghanistan it has to have good relations with Pakistan. It (Afghanistan) is a land locked country and dependent on Pakistan", he said.
"I would say no solution should be imposed on Afghanistan. Let the people of Afghanistan decide their future", he said.
"We are not the only country to like a friendly government in Afghanistan, every country wants friendly neighbours, Afghanistan would also like to be friendly with neighbours", he answered a question.
He rejected the impression that "Pakistan's role had been marginalised", "there is no such thing. Pakistan is as important as it was", he said.
Asked was he satisfied with the US decision of continuing bombardment in Afghanistan during Ramadan, he said, "the bombing could not have been stopped without achievement of the objectives".
"I have always said that the bombing in Ramadan would leave negative impacts on the Muslim world", he said.
Musharraf said he still stands by his decision of siding with the international comity in war against terror.
"I took the right decision and will take the same decision if required again", he said.
Questioned, how will he help the arrested Pakistanis in the US and besieged countrymen in Afghanistan, he said, "I talked to President Bush on the issue and he has promised help, regarding the besieged people in Afghanistan I would say it was there decision and they must learn a lesson".
"I want all the countrymen to work for a stronger Pakistan because if strong Pakistan is must for strong Islam".
Musharraf said he did not know whether the US had any future vision of starting conflict with China saying every country has to safeguard its own interests and decision have to be taken at the time of the occurrence of an issue.
The President said Pakistan's nuclear assets were in safe hands adding they could have been in danger had Pakistan not sided with the international comity.
"We are investigating cases against some scientists who had links with other countries. They violated the law of land and would be dealt with under the rules. They were however not concerned with nuclear programme anyway", he said to a question.
Musharraf said he would continue as President to materialise his agenda and structural reforms. "I have no ambition to continue but I have a role to play for structural reforms", he said.
He said party based general polls would be held next year. He maintained, "Pakistan is a difficult country to be ruled".
To a question about extremists, he said, "(I will) move against them in a more concrete manner".
"They have been exposed and we will take action against them", he added.
Musharraf said the debt relief can also improve economy of the country saying misuse of loans was bad for Pakistan economy.
"It is not just seeking loans from IMF. They must be used properly for development projects and we aim to do the job well", he said.
The President said he was satisfied with his performance. ""I am happy to have done a lot for Pakistan and will continue to do", he concluded.


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