Eyewitness Account Of Mexican
Congress Arrests
From Mario Andrade
By Vicente Bello
For original Spanish version:

The sugar industry union meeting in the congress was disturbed by the discovery and apprehension of two individuals carrying what appeared to be either a 9 mm, 38, or 45 cal. I saw a security guard emptying one of the guns, ensuring that the gun chamber was empty. That gun was taken away from under one of the suspect's belt. The individual carrying it looked like someone you just don't want to mess with. Previously, they appeared to be taking pictures of the sugar workers. After waiting 48 hours, the sugar union workers were finally going to a meeting with the congress.
It was on the Wednesday, October the 10th, 2001. It was shortly after 4 o'clock and the sugarcane workers were gathering around in the central patio. They usually gather themselves around the gardens and the great fountain. Suddenly, the calm was interrupted with someone yelling, "He's packing a gun! Get him!"
The man, wearing a suit, was walking among the sugarcane workers, just like the day before. He was aiming a shiny camera. One of the "sombrerudos" (men wearing sombreros), skinny, with dark skin - undoubtedly caused by the sunny Veracruz outdoors climate - approached the suit and angrily asked him, "Why are you taking pictures of us, fucker?"
The suit began getting nervous and evasive. He pointed his camera once again, and suddenly, another sugar worker yelled at him, "I see you're packing a gun, cabron!" His jacket accidentally opened and exposed his concealed handgun before the eyes of two or three more unionists. The suit ignored them and acted like nothing was happening; however, two other workers were already alerting the security guards. Without hesitation, the guards immediately ran towards the armed man. They immediately discovered that a second suspect was accompanying him.
The halls exploded with commotion and confusion. The crowd focused their attention on one of the men, probably in his mid-twenties, with light-complexion skin, light-colored eyes, and a bald spot, who previously, was taking pictures here and there. They later saw the other one, also light-skinned and athletically-built.
"Take the gun away from him!" said one of the "sombrerudo" workers. Then, a dozen or more security guards from San Lazaro came in and took them inside the security office in the basement. As they were rapidly walking towards the office, they found the man's camera. Then another sombrerudo yelled, "Get the gun, the one with the briefcase has it."
They later walked towards the corner of the patio and took them downstairs. They went around the building where the restaurant is located and finally reached the head of security office. Two more unionists cried "he's hiding a gun, don,t let him bullshit you!"
As they were going in, the last security guard literally removed the gun from the man's underwear in his lower back. He immediately emptied the gun in the middle of the legislative chamber of San Lazaro.
The sugarcane workers returned to the chamber where they took their anger on Enrique Ramos, that gangster that is now a congressman for the PRI and stole 700 million pesos from form the sugar worker's union and refuses to answer questions about it. At sundown, the workers from states like Veracruz, Puebla and Morelos were finally going to get a hearing with speaker Beatriz Paredes regarding this issue.
At around 6 o,clock, it was learned that one of the suspects name was Salvador Gersson, a former Israeli military member and another one that didn't speak Spanish by the name of Sar Ben-Sui (Zvi -ed.). There were some rumors going around that the briefcase had a grenade inside. Outside the press room there were journalists broadcasting live on radio and reporting that the PGR (Deportment of Justice) agents were enroute to the congress to question the individuals. The rumors were later proven to be true.
Salvador Ansalgo Trapaga, the agent that disarmed one of the suspects stated that the handgun was a 9 mm Glock (plastic) pistol, very hard to detect by the metal detectors at the entrance. Later, they said that the grenade turned out to be a cigarette lighter shaped like a grenade. However, the guards did mention that inside the briefcase was bomb making material, pipes and detonating cables.
Shortly afterwards, a man claiming to be their supervisor at a security company stated to a reporter that they were "vacationing" and that was the reason they were taking pictures. A journalist lost his cool and shouted "That's bullshit! Vacationing with a handgun?"
Unable to understand the situation, some unionists blamed and took their anger on Enrique Ramos. "He's capable of anything," they said. This was that day's congressional session.


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