Skolnick - The Enron Black
Magic -Part Two
By Sherman H. Skolnick

What did they think of themselves? In their heart of hearts, did they consider that THEY were great heroes? Saintly warriors, were they in their own estimation, opposing the barbarians of fatal finger pointing and the stone hurlers of biblical Judgment?

On his throne of monopoly, a major media rajah, in clamping his un-elected fist of censorship on it, as if weighing its value in diamonds, haughtily proclaimed, "It would cause the scandal downfall of the American Government".

A foreign bank entity, enlisted in the secret funding of the deceptions of bloody espionage and political assassinations, had purchased and procured, by bribery and blackmail, one-fourth of all the members of the U.S. parliament. This done, amidst the nuclear winter's bitter destruction of the law-maker's solemn oath to support the organic law of this continent, namely, the U.S. Constitution. [See Part One of this series.]

As earlier set forth, this is the prologue of this deadly drama, played out as it has been over a dozen years and more. In the current act, some of the same players are before us again, but now unmasked and face-paint peeled or scrubbed off. And their masquerading co-conspirators will be on stage as well.

How did Enron become such a worldwide monstrous edifice? And where did it go, the billions and billions of dollars, and euros, and Swiss francs, and trillions of yen? Does Wendy Gramm, a Director of Enron, know? Does Federal Reserve commissar, Alan Redspan, his stage-act soon ending---did HE know? From their background, they cannot be described or perceived as incompetent. Hence, knowledge has to be presumed, even in contradiction to their public statements, if any.

And again, in their weather-reacting bones, or in their gut, did they again consider themselves the white hats of these events? To comprehend all this is needed a simple lesson, if that is possible, in esoteric banking and finance.

The Federal regulators require approximately three cents on the Dollar, to support each Dollar of banks of deposit. By this financial sleight of hand, even as a book entry alone, twenty billion of U.S. Dollars (actually, Federal Reserve hot-air notes) are thus multiplied into about six hundred billion financial fish. It is called fractional reserves, some say fictional reserves. And no economics professor, with a straight face, can really apply the sanctity of logic to explain all this.

Even if they used a yesteryear abacus, the stone money experts would have to admit, at least privately, that in late September and early October, 2001, the U.S.stock markets were facing an expected collapse, and then jointly with the rest of the planet. Yes, the events of September 11, 2001, took our attention elsewhere. And the prior knowledge some of us feel as a certainty was involved in that bloody day, support the idea of intending to divert us. The occupant and resident of the White House has been George W. Bush. And the "Gang of Five" on the high court in Washington, as some sneer at them, that installed Bush to the highest office had added hardly a sliver of legitimacy to the event.

Some contend Bush, Jr., pronounced quickly as DUBYA, would not know how to handle a financial collapse. And Daddy Bush, after all, can make his bowlegged puppet go only so far. With the ghosts of unlawful election still howling, the nation would obviously face a paranormal anarchy.

Directly and through confederates, the Bush Family and Dick Cheney have a large financial stake in Enron. The market regulators, subject to political realities and their own career futures, are not about to effectively investigate. Some of the Enron insiders, without apparently reporting the same as federal regulations require, purchased or procured or obtained an interest in "put" options or other forms of short selling, of Enron stock, or indices, or equivalents, when the shares had drifted down from a high of 90 dollars per share to somewhere between 18 and 36 dollars a share.

Prosecutors (cynics call them black-mailers) in two or more states, if media reports are to be believed at all, claim to be interested in investigating any criminality involved in the downfall of Enron. Of course, the oil-soaked monopoly press is not about to report that a form of supposed "national security" has been invoked by the White House to stop any so-called "investigation" from going across the line to deep Oval Office scandal, that would sweep away the central Government.

Again, like the bribery of both houses of Congress by the Bank of Crooks and Criminals International, BCCI, there is a practical necessity, in the view of some in high places, for a cover up. All, supposedly to save the Established Government and the peace, prosperity, and tranquility of America as a Republic.

Of the billions apparently secretly sucked out of Enron, the bulk went disguised as at least 600 billion dollars, if not even more, at key moments, to temporarily prop up the U.S. stock markets. That is, some 20 billion dollars, multiplied by the black magic of fractional reserves to 600 billion dollars. Some who count beans faster than others, contend it is actually many trillions of dollars, supported by fractional/fictional reserves piled on derivatives piled on drifting sand in some uncharted oily desert.

[As a young man, having been taught mathematics by a protege of Albert Einstein, I might have years ago understood the illogic of multiplying 20 billion dollars of purloined corporate funds into 600 billion dollars as part of a trip on the way to many trillions. As I recall, there is a mathematics symbol for negatives that cannot otherwise be balanced or explained in a math equation. I think they used to call it the "j" operator or such. Nowadays, I would label it the JACKASS SUBTRACTOR.]

Enron became the all-purpose, world-circling trading desks for energy, a contractor for oil, natural gas, and electric services, a near-limitless investment machine, a telecom, a biggie piggy bank, an insurer. In short, as major newsfaker Time Magazine described it in their 12/10/01 issue "the brash energy-trading giant called Enron". And, "After weeks of escalating financial troubles, business had effectively collapsed in many of Enron's most important markets. Only months earlier, Enron was considered one of the most innovative U.S. companies, having brought new-economy tools [or was it old-economy embezzling and money laundering?-ed.] such as Internet and sophisticated hedging strategies to the old business of matching producers and consumers of electricity, oil, natural gas-and eventually some 800 other commodities and services. Its operations directly or indirectly touch almost every American home and business." AND, how many members of the U.S. Congress and OTHER foreign parliaments do they also touch? Is Enron a latter day Bank of Crooks and Criminals International, BCCI?

Like phantom money ship BCCI, Enron did their elaborate game of changing currencies hidden in a smokescreen of black art.

Dick Cheney up to August, 2000, had been CEO of Halliburton, among other things, a supplier of oil industry machinery. [Hey, as of the posting of this story, is Halliburton another BCCI/ Enron device?] Through Halliburton's overseas units, Cheney, a major stockholder of Halliburton, has apparently treasonously supplied Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein, a disgruntled former private business partner of Daddy Bush, what Saddam needed to break the embargo on oil shipments. [As to Daddy Bush/Saddam Hussein, see our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh."]

Dictators, like some political condiments gathering in a mythical Chinese-style restaurant, seem to have private business partnerships off and on mixing with one another, at times sweet, at times sour.

Cheney, Daddy Bush, Bush, Jr., and their circle hovering around Big Oil, used Enron as an accomplished cruise ship. Like those Love Boats sailing the Caribbean, U.S.S. Enron asked no questions of those who brought on-board their steamer-trunks of dirty money. The unwritten deal was, Enron was supposed to keep a per centage as a fee. In the real world, there is a most serious non-statutory offense, never violated by those hoping to go up in the Establishment, called FAILURE TO BRIBE. [I once startled what I call a court victim, stating YOU ARE GUILTY, after all of THAT, right?]

Various "investment houses", actually money laundries, have been bloodied by Enron's collapse but are mostly silent. Did some brokers screw some Enron stock owners?

"The Enron episode further damages the credibility of Wall Street analysts. Richard Gross, an analyst at Lehman Brothers...kept a 'strong buy' rating on Enron's stock throughout the decline. Lehman stood to earn a hefty fee for advising Dynegy to buy Enron, until Dynegy withdrew its offer. A Lehman spokesman said it was the firm's policy not to change its rating on a company involved in a deal where Lehman is an adviser. BUT ANYBODY WHO TOOK LEHMAN'S ADVICE ON ENRON'S STOCK IN RECENT MONTHS WOULD HAVE LOST ALMOST EVERYTHING." New York Times story, "With Enron's Fall, Many Dominoes Tremble", 12/2/01 (Emphasis added.)

Enron, while sinking, became the vessel from which was covertly extracted (or embezzled?) huge sums, multiplied by financial witchcraft, to temporarily prop up the failing stock markets. In 1929, many suckers really believed the bigshots who said they would bail out the markets. Except in 1929, it was done out front, in 2001, secretly or not publicly spoken. [See the book "The Great Crash-1929" by Kenneth Galbraith, how that great fraud empire, J.P. Morgan, fooled the suckers into staying in a collapsing market.]

Hey, Greenspan/Redspan! Tell your wife, Andrea Mitchell, it is okay to pass along this "more than pillow talk" to General Electric, the boss of her boss NBC Network. And while you are at it, as Federal Reserve commissar, order G.E. to stop selling what some curse, their damned "too-often-burning-out" light bulbs.

Hey, Wendy Gramm! Call Enron, hurry up, before the phones are disconnected. [Wait a minute. Would a telecom giant like Enron have dead phones?]

Is a tidal wave of Enron/Halliburton about to wreck the White House? More coming.
Stay tuned.


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