US To Contrive Successive
Wars After Afghanistan - Iraq

BAGHDAD - The United States will continue to provoke armed conflicts around the world once it has wrapped up its "crusade" in Afghanistan, Iraq's official press said on Tuesday. Washington "will contrive wars here and there in order to create pretexts to keep its forces in occupation" of various regions under the banner of defending the United States "and its so-called allies," wrote Ath-Thawra, mouthpiece of Iraq's ruling Baath Party.
The United States "is behaving as if it were the world's leader, policeman and judge, and the world must accept its rulings and punishments," the paper said. The army daily Al-Qadissiya said that by expanding the scope of its "aggression," the US would be seeking to "cover up the impasse in which it finds itself after attacking Afghanistan and declaring war on all countries that do not support its crusade."
Washington would also be seeking to "assert its leadership of the world order," the paper said. Baghdad, Washington's sworn foe since the 1991 Gulf War, says it expects to be the next target of the United States, which has indicated it will pursue its anti-terror campaign after the end of the war in Afghanistan.


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