US Likely To Put Anti-Chinese
ICBM Missile Shield In Afghanistan

KABUL (PNS) - As the United States is continuing military build up in the south of Afghanistan, the deployment of National Missile Defense system in the southern part of Afghanistan by Washington is likely to counter any inter-continental ballistic missile attack threat from China, diplomatic sources told PNS on Monday.
The United States has recently tested this system at a cost of 100 million dollars.The sources said the objective of the United State to come to this region was manifold. Primarily it aims to establish itself to have control on the would-be flowing natural resources (oil and gas -ed) from the Central Asian States via Afghanistan, to contain increasing Chinese economic and military influence, and to deploy anti-missile defence system in Afghanistan to counter ICBM attack from Beijing.
Sources also said that Americans would move on to this plan after at least two years and ensuring full political stability in Afghanistan. Russians have already expressed their opposition to the US National Missile Defence system. Iran had also warned US recently that its presence in Afghanistan will not be productive.
It may be mentioned here the United States has already established strategic military relations with India and an agreement to that effect was signed between Washington and New Delhi during the visit of President Bill Clinton to India in March last year.


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