Chemtrails Over DC And NBC
Portrayals To Viewers
From Anonymity requested

I'm a law student studying in Washington, DC and have been observing the chemtrails laid over the city almost daily for the last two years I've lived here. I've been amazed at the audacity of the people responsible for this, and very concerned about the complacency of the average person. I just can't make sense of it.
However, today my shock and outrage has reached a new level. This morning on WRC TV the local NBC affiliate station they showed a weather graphic that I have never seen before. It was part of the weekly projected forecast. It depicted a rough likeness to a cumulous cloud against a sun, but above it was one thin strip cloud...we all know what that is. Yes, I am absolutely sure they were depicting a chemtrail. For Thursday's forcast, again a cumulous cloud against the sun and then two chemtrails. For Friday, just three chemtrails against a sun. Saturday, two chemtrails against a sun. And Sunday one chemtrail against a Sun. I wonder if their forcast will be accurate!
To tell you the truth I am in a state of shock. Any reasonable, educated person would think that a meteorologist would know the difference between a real cloud. It is one thing for someone to tell the media to keep quiet, but quite another for them to actively participate in a deception.
Originally I subscribed to the theory that the chemtrails might be a method to reduce global warming by reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the cities and dense urban areas that act as heat sinks. This would be a logical first step. In addition I've observed that they will not spray when the winds are above about 15mph sustained. They want it to stay over the city for a considerable time before blowing over.
However, I have observed chemtrails at night on several occasions. But why spray at night and why do they want it to fall on the city? It fills me with dread to think of other possible explanations.
God help us all.
From Susan
In response to the letter about chemtrails over DC I have to speak up, too. Many times I have seen on TV news, commercials and regular series with chemtrails clearly in the background sky.
We have been so heavily sprayed in the northern VA, DC and Maryland (wind blows west to east) I cant believe how sheeple just accept it. The spraying is quite obvious, esp at sunset, when the sky is crisscrossed by hundreds of trails across the horizon. One sat in early November, a huge miles wide heavy black cloud advanced across the Fairfax and Prince William County sky with edges that had black Xs on them evenly spaced. Ominous indeed and even skeptic friends of mine noticed and were concerned.
A few days after 9-11 when the airports were shut down, the chemtrails continued. The airspace over Washington DC is restricted and still, the chemtrails are laid. A few weeks ago, a series of trails were laid across the sky that had lots of long veils "raining" from them. Shortly after, for the first time in four years since I switched to herbal supplements to boost my immune system, I've been having frequent daily coughing spasms, scratchy throat and my voice hasn't been the same -- its turned into froggy croaking which is disastrous for an instructor.
I've seen the huge white planes lay them across the sky, turn around and lay more (even on sundays and major holidays) for hours on a daily basis since Jan '99 and I have awoke to a dawning sky full of chemtrails frequently.
It's hard to believe, but most people in this area just accept those chemtrails as normal clouds in the sky and refuse to consider any other explanation. Amazing.
From Patrat
I believe I saw the identical picture of a cloud/chemtrail that a recent article, "Chemtrails Over DC and NBC Portrayals to Viewers", noted on a recent TV weather forecast. I, too, was shocked that such a blatant chemtrail was being depicted as a cloud on TV. It showed a definite, straight center line between the feathering edges that appear as the chemtrail blankets an area. At the time, I wanted to call up someone and ask, "Now, what type of 'cloud' is that?".
I do not recall on which TV channel this picture was featured - possibly MSNBC. However, since I do not get WRC TV mentioned in the article (I'm located in the mid-west), one might assume there is either a widespread lack of knowledge regarding meteorology or --well you fill in the myriad of other possibilities.
Weeks ago I mentioned some of the theories regarding contrail/chemtrails to a friend who couldn't seem to shake a recurring, albeit intermittent, feeling of malaise. I questioned if she had spent time outside with any unusual cloud (chemtrail) cover. Although she said yes, I believe, she thinks I'm conjuring up some connection that does not exist.
Most people won't believe it even when you point out to them the strange "cloud" formations blanketing the sky. As with the original writer, I, too, cannot make sense of the lack of concern.
Thanks for your great website.

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