Mysterious Disappearance Of
Top Harvard Virus Expert
From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello Jeff -
The story about the missing Harvard Professor, Don Wiley, is becoming more intriguing. He was involved with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and has ties to the Rockefeller Institute.
This story is unfolding presently and when I have more data, I may have some surprising conclusions . It might be we are very close to uncovering the who and the why of the anthrax release.
At this time, my money is NOT on bin Laden as the mastermind of the anthrax release.
The Connecticut case of the 94 year old fatality is starting to look to me like she was intentionally infected. Possible scenerio: someone driving by her, or riding a bicycle past her, released the anthrax. We may be witnessing the start of a massive depopulation effort.
Remember, because of the anthrax release and the resulting mass pubic paranoia and fear, the US population may face, probably will face, mandatory mass innoculations. These innoculations WILL kill many elderly and immune-surpressed individuals. Only the healthy and young will survive mass vaccinations. I am even hearing the possibility of forced Ebola vaccine.
Please take a look at my message board: We are beginning to find articles on the missing Harvard professor as well as the Howard Hughes institute... and about other missing scientists since 9-11. ___
Dr. Wiley has been working on HIV. The scientist who was found comatose in Miami was also working on HIV microbiology. I will check into the research of the other missing Howard Hughes Inst scientist. What do you bet, he, too was working on HIV? I suspect there is a cabal operating at some level which does not want HIV cured.
Dr. Wiley's Harvard Biography
Dr. Wiley's Professional Biography At Hughes Medical Center
Obviously Dr. Wiley was a world-renowned scientist. I am finding that I am getting the same amount of hostility about publicizing Dr. Wiley's demise, that I received when I questioned Dr. Jawal Al Aubaidi. Curious, but I guess I am running into the same White Wall of Silence.
Just heard from a scientist from Australia who worked with Dr. Wiley in the 80s and was livid to hear the commentary on him. Dr. Wiley may not be the same person that he was in the 80s, people change. I have found over the years, that scientists really become vociferous when one of their own is criticized.
I do believe that there is much more to the story about Dr. Wiley, the Howard Hughes Institute, and the other missing scientist.
There is a possbility that Dr. Wiley stumbled onto a blackops project or the anthrax situation and was silenced...
Guess we will have to wait and see what transpires,
To Be Continued...
Patty ___
Hello again, Jeff -
Here is another 'head-scratcher'...?
Biologist Comatose - Police Baffled
Miami Herald
By Lila Arzua
Cellular biologist Benito Que lies in a coma at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and no one is sure why.
His friends believe it was a carjacking gone awry. But they also say Que, 52, had high blood pressure and may have suffered a stroke. Police were unable to provide information regarding the case on Thursday.
The incident -- whatever it may have been -- occurred Monday afternoon as the scientist left his job at University of Miami's school of medicine, at the JMH complex. He headed for his car, a white Ford Explorer parked on Northwest 10th Avenue.
The word among his friends is that four men armed with a baseball bat attacked him at his car. If so, it would not be the first time Que's car was vandalized, according to longtime friend Franlie Bautista.
This summer, Que's passenger-side window was smashed and belongings -- from gym clothes to candy -- were taken from his car, she said.
After she heard about the incident Monday, Bautista notified Que's nephew of his condition, which was critical on Thursday. Most of his family resides in the Philippines, and it was Bautista who was given Que's personal effects.
"His briefcase was intact, but there was no wallet," said Bautista, a nurse at the Sylvester Cancer Center who has known Que since 1978.
However, Que's CAT scan showed no trauma, and there is yet no concrete evidence of a mugging, according to Que's boss of three years, professor of medicine Bach Ardalan.
``Everything is vague at the moment," Ardalan said. "We have to wait for the police report."
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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