FBI Flyer Names Constitution
Defenders As Terror Suspects

From Name on file
Not only is the flyer genuine, but my friend and I verified this to be so with a direct telephone communication to the Phoenix FBI.
The person we spoke to at Phoenix FBI seemed to be genuinely upset that the flyer had been publicized.
It seems that the flyer was generated after the bombing of the OKC Federal Building.
The flyer could be used by someone victimized by the uniformed police in Arizona, as substantive evidence of propaganda causing the police to commit unwarranted acts of violence against American Citizens.
There is no way of telling what influence that flyer had on the minds of Arizona State, County, and City police officers.
Kudos to Jeff Rense and staff for the scoop.
The flyer IS alarming, to say the least. It is a genuine indictment of the evil forces being manipulated to "finish us off."


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