American Foreign Policy?

From David Rosenberg
Dear Mr. Rense,
I saw today the speech by our President.
See photo
As a Jew, I am absolutely outraged that the President chose to be photographed with the Israeli flag during ALL the ceremony.
1. Normally, you cannot see the Star of David because it is hidden inside the folds of the flag. This is the FIRST TIME in my entire life that I could see full the Star of David in a flag on a post or poll unless there was a strong breeze blowing. Somebody had to work very hard on this flag to display it in this fashion with the President. I will not be surprised if they put a piece of cardboard behind it.
2. As you can see in the photo, this is his initial position, only him swearing to the Israeli flag. After the initial ceremony, he had a 4 minute speech in which his body turned to the right and, once again, they positioned him in front of the Israeli flag...and again 'miraculously' you could see only him and the Israeli flag....FOR 4 LONG MINUTES!
3. I compared his head size next to the flag. From the angle from the front of the camera, the size of the star was greater than twice the size of the President's head.
4. During ALL of his speech you could see ONLY his head and the Star of David. Our American flag was nowhere to be seen. That was the most embarrassing moment in my life as an American, since I got my American citizenship.
5. This was a clear message from the shadow elite and zionists to all of us that they are in total control of America.
I took the time to write you all of this for the very simple reason that Israel is now becoming a very serious liability to all of us American Jews, and for the whole world. Make NO mistake, this dominance of the Star of David during the President's speech was done intentionally by the White House and the Jewish lobby in order to accelerate hatred by Moslems around the world against America.
This is clearly promoting the Elders Of Zion agenda (whether or not they be a hoax) to stimulate a Third World War - a religious war between us Jews and Christians, against the Moslems. See this story:
To all our American brothers and sisters of ALL religions: Please do not let this vulgar display of the Israeli flag promote anti-Semite feelings against us American Jews. The 'Jewish lobby' which totally controls our Congress and Senate and manipulates America, has NOTHING to do with American Jews. This "lobby" is the brilliant invention of elements within Israel and has been controlled by Israel since 1948.
Thank you, sir, for reading my email,
David Rosenberg
New York


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