Bush Administration The Most
Dangerous, Thus Far
By Joel Skousen
World Affairs Brief

I never imagined that any US administration could surpass the egregious and treasonous acts of the Clinton administration. However, the Bush administration has not only failed to stop, overturn or dismantle any of the significant evil acts of the former administration, but it is continuing the cover-up of illegal government activities: e.g., surveillance without a warrant, withholding of crucial intelligence regarding national defense threats, corruption of evidence in ongoing investigations, money laundering, collusion with judges to imprison whistleblowers, and massive drug control and importation schemes to finance black budget operations. While most Bush administration advisors claim conservative leanings, in reality all belong to the same internationalist group (Council on Foreign Relations) to which advisors in previous administrations have belonged. This Council is dedicated to subtly eroding American sovereignty and even encouraging its demise, an objective hardly in line with its members professed dedication to American values.

Why is the Bush administration more dangerous than the lawless corruption of the Clinton-Reno days? Simply because the current administration does it under the cover of an even bigger lie: that what they do is out of genuine love of country, duty to God, patriotism, and love of the Constitution. In short they claim to be God-fearing, constitutional conservatives, and nothing could be further from the truth. Each of these national leaders, including Bush, Cheney, Powell, and Ashcroft have agreed to follow a control agenda formulated by others who do not respect God, nor the Constitution, nor national sovereignty. This administration is dangerous because its lies are believable. Clinton s lies were not.

The Bush administration is rapidly undermining many American constitutional rights, in the oft-repeated name of fighting terrorism. Local police forces are being corrupted into serving as federalized police under a variety of circumstances. Indeed, the administration is now openly talking about instituting a federal police force, under the aegis of "increased coordination." Bush all too willingly signed legislation federalizing airport security workers, even though he claimed to oppose it. The US is now in a continuous state of emergency, which justifies tremendous expansions of federal powers. Though Bush ostensibly champions religious liberty, the Justice Department has failed to intervene in the ongoing oppression of certain fundamentalist Christian churches in their battles with the IRS over improper tax control of churches. Verbiage is cheap and goes a long way toward keeping Christians thinking that they have one of their own in the White House. It s hard for most people to detect a lie when the person is telling them what they want to hear.
Speaking of lies, this administration is engaging in cover-ups that will exceed the Clinton record. Not only has Attorney General Ashcroft refused to prosecute any of the Clinton-Reno crimes, he has refused to even meet with those who have the evidence, in particular Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch and former Clinton impeachment prosecutor David Schippers, who is representing FBI agents who have evidence of official Justice Department suppression of evidence in the OKC bombing. There are other would-be whistle blowers who are also having no luck with justice. No conservative with crucial evidence on government wrongdoing has been able to gain meaningful access to the White House or the Justice Department in this, the supposed paragon of all conservative administrations.
The Bush administration is also rapidly undermining our defense against strategic threats (Russia and China) while claiming to be building up our military forces. In fact, we are wasting our military stores in an interventionist war in Afghanistan that only superficially has anything to do with terrorism, and that primarily serves US and Russian oil interests and increases the number of countries that hate America. While a billion dollars a month goes down the drain in this war, the money we need to counter the more dangerous long term threats continues to diminish. Despite the propaganda, it isn't the tiny "rogue nations" with cobbled-together, second-rate weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that are the big threat--it is the two predator nations in the world that provide those rogue states with weapons and material on an ongoing basis. Not only do Russia and China continue to finance, train and feed terrorism (albeit through client states), but both of these nations are also building for a much larger future world war with first-rate, high tech WMD--with the potential of mass delivery systems.
Worse, this administration is continuing the pattern followed by all US governments since Roosevelt of assisting the transfers to Russia and China of dangerous military technology --including technology enhancing their delivery capability. The administration also continues to prohibit intelligence agencies from alerting the American public to the continuous pattern of Russian cheating on all NBC weapons treaties. It is especially telling that Russia never allows for meaningful verification of disarmament. While some disarmament is, indeed, going on (we know this because US corporations are being paid by US taxpayers to dismantle a variety of older Russian arms), US inspectors are never allowed to inspect the newest secret Russian military production facilities, nor enter the huge underground factory and defense complexes Russia is building in the Ural Mountains. Meanwhile, the US chastises Russia and China verbally for continual violations of anti-proliferation treaties--but never imposes meaningful sanctions.

World Affairs Brief November 23, 2001 Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief


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