Biophysical Warfare - The Mind
Has No Firewalls
By Tim Rifat

The US Army War College published an article called The Mind has no Firewalls, sent to me by Harlan Gerrard - America's leading mind control expert - who asked me to comment on the American military's drive to dominate the mind. It is well known that microwave mind control using the TETRA system, based on CIA mind control research, is in the process of turning the UK into matrix-land. The 30,000 plus transmitters will zombify the population and police, and dissidents can be terminated by implanting them with Digital Angel and using computer controlled microwave weapons targeted on their home, street, shopping mall, car, trains-to covertly kill all subversives.
Unfortunately for the US military and NATO controlling the mind does not end with microwaves and ELF. This is just the beginning of a new series of weapons which target the mind. Since the mind resides in the biophysical field and the brain is just wet-ware which runs holographic AI (Artificial Intelligence) programmes, the new cutting edge of 21st Century strategic warfare will in involve targeting and elimination of the enemy's biophysical field (mind) so that the wetware - brain - has no firewalls for the mind (biophysical field) and can be taken over and/or destroyed by the biophysical field of a remote influencing adept.
The development of remote viewing using Soviet protocols can enable remote influencing adepts to scan the minds of the NSA and find out, in detail, the secrets of their research into anti-gravity, inertialess drives, beam weapons-Since the NSA use mind controlled psychics who have been implanted and subject to severe trauma to cause a multiple personality, targeting the chip in the NSA remote viewing zombies renders these creatures inoperable; one can also project into these creatures' minds false remote viewing images so they see what you want them to see - they enter a 'Matrix' where you are the AI. The NSA are therefore totally vulnerable to having their biophysical fields destroyed and their wet-ware filled with the biophysical worms similar to those found on Microsoft's software. The result of this is that no secret US arsenal is a secret and that by using the fact that the mind has no firewall, one can control the NSA and make them act and think in total synchrony with the matrix that has been imprinted upon them.
The Russians have released information that the West is dominated by a clique of ultra-rich financiers whose network is around $300 trillion. Conspiracy experts point the finger at the Rothschilds amongst others, be that as it may - the author keeps his own council on who they may be - this group that owns through the Western multinationals, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, World Bank and International Monetary Fund, gives opposing forces superb leverage if they can use biophysical warfare on the handful of families who own the West. By remote viewing these families, one can destroy their biophysical fields and impregnate their wet-ware (brain) with a host of biophysical viruses and worms so that they destroy the West, which they own, by presumptive action and foolish aggression whose outcome the remote influencing adepts can finally control via the matrix within which they can entrap this elite. Countries such as Russia, which worship the dollar, can extort the $300 trillion by systematically remotely killing these elite to frighten them into transferring their money.
Research by scientists has found that the heart is controlled by a part of the brain which, when damaged, causes heart attacks. Implanting biophysical worms destroys this brain centre and can cause heart attacks in the victim; similarly, the use of telekinesis can be used to burst capillaries in the elites' brains to cause massive cerebral haemorrhages. If this was not bad enough, the biophysical field has as a component the morphogenic field which controls all aspects of DNA synthesis transcription and morphogenesis; targeting the DNA using morphogenic aspects, one can induce oncogenes into the elite to be switched on, giving them cancer, or one can dismantle their immune system to give them AIDS-like diseases. The morphogenic field can also reconform the isomers of prions, so one can give the elite new forms of Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease and/or Alzheimer's. Their families can be targeted by changing their DNA so they become subject to any hereditary disease you wish and they can be made sterile, so the elite dies out.
Biophysical warfare, is therefore, the most effective way of strategically dominating the West.
Russia, China and India are not ruled by a handful of people and can therefore survive, if the US and NATO had the knowledge of a counter-offensive targeted at their top people, new people would just take the reigns of power. In the West there has been a millennia-long drive of a small clique of financiers to take over and own everything; eliminating them and their families would leave a vacuum which would plunge the West into chaos. Idiots such as bin Laden, Arafat and the Hamas madmen seem to be congenitally impaired when it comes to intelligence and think that physical force can undermine the West, which has predominance in military hardware - may the Arab fanatics rest in peace. The dominant force of warfare in the 21st century will be the fact that the mind has no firewalls and whoever commands the biophysical realm of warfare will dominate the planet no matter how many carrier battle groups, SDIs-the USA may possess.
Leading contenders for dominance of the planet in the 21st century, in the author's opinion, will not be the US and the West, but Putin's 3rd World Russia which has yet to come to terms with the Soviet Union's destruction. The author contends in his latest book, Remote Viewing, published by Vision 2001 ( that the destruction of the Soviet Union was brought about by a backlash of its psychic warfare programme, which according to some CIA spokespeople, ran at half a billion dollars during the 1980's. Those of you who have seen the 1950's film Forbidden Planet will remember that an Earth starship lands on a planet where a super-advanced race had built the planet by a psychotronic amplifier which boosted their psychic and mental powers; unfortunately dark forces in their psyche became manifest using this technology and destroyed them. The author contends that the Soviet Union are boosting the psychic power of its remote influencers using psychotronic amplifiers released from their subconscious; these monsters of the id drove the Soviet Union mad and caused it to dismantle itself when in fact psychic warfare was being directed to destroy the West.
Fortunately for the Russians, the UK and the West are systematically mind controlling their population using TETRA and other technologies which as an upshot has caused the destruction of significant portions of Westerners' biophysical fields. By remote viewing MI5 and other British secret police it can be seen that they have no biophysical bodies, which is caused by the misuse of the microwave devices and weapons which were developed to kill and mind control Catholics in Northern Ireland. It is therefore child's play for a remote viewer to spot British Intelligence agents as they possess no biophysical fields and are just lumps of meat which, for want of a better word, can be called 'zombies'. The TETRA system, which will be deployed across the UK, will inevitably cause the destruction of the biophysical fields of the entire UK population, making biophysical warfare easy to use in Britain, as the targets are just walking wet-ware with no firewalls. Similarly, the process is occurring in the USA so that the NSA, who are in the front line of deploying mind control against civilians, are similarly affected.
The globalisation protesters, who in my opinion are as stupid as bin Laden and Arafat, now face imprisonment in the West as they will be reclassified as 'terrorists'. Violence has been shown to be useless against the elite who own all the multinationals, as they thrive on conflict and the globalisation protesters will act as slave labour in privatised prisons, boosting the profits of multinationals and their elite owners. The elite will be happy for protests like Seattle and Genoa, in the future, so they can put millions of Westerners into corporate slave camps to undercut the cheap wages in the Far East. It maybe an idea for these global protesters to get their minds together and focus them on the elite who will benefit from any sort of protest.
China and India may use biophysical warfare to further their strategic interests as a war with the West over resources is inevitable. China can easily retake Taiwan by using remote influencing on the elite to force them to impose draconian sanctions on Taiwan that this island has to return to China simply because it is being bankrupted. The author states that overt violence maybe counter-productive to geo-political and strategic goals and that targeting biophysical warfare on the mind may prove the most effective means of projecting power in the 21st century.
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